[TNA News] ‘Bound For Glory 2012’ Preview; Final Card + Predictions

Tonight TNA presents their biggest show of the year Bound For Glory, live from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Click “read more” to see a rundown of the card plus my own thoughts and predictions.

Main Event: Austin Aries (c) Vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

  • Although it’s been touted as the main event of BFG for the past month, Aries/Hardy doesn’t have the feel of one especially for TNA’s biggest show of the year. Aries’ title reign has been pushed aside for Aces and 8’s drama and although he won back in July he hasn’t had much of a chance to prove he’s worthy of being the top guy. The build between the two has been fine and Aries finally turning heel on Hardy last Thursday was really good, but there just seems to be something…off about it. But there’s no denying either man’s talent and once the bell rings I expect them to put on one hell of a match against one another. As for the winner…as much as I hate to admit it I think Hardy is going to pull this one out. As much as it’s been about Aries “proving himself”, it’s been about Hardy’s “redemption” path and considering he’s the most popular guy in the company it makes sound business sense to put the belt on him. But even though I think Hardy will get his hand raised, part of me is hoping Aries does end up pulling it off and getting the rub. I just don’t know if TNA is committed to keeping him as the top guy; they didn’t even seem committed to it while he’s technically been the top guy.
  • Official Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins the TNA World Heavyweight Title

Sting/Bully Ray Vs. The Aces and 8’s [If The Aces and 8’s win, they get “full access” to the Impact Zone]

  • The Aces and 8’s story has been dragging its feet over the past couple of months, almost like TNA was waiting for Bound For Glory before any triggers were pulled. Well tonight is a good time to pull said triggers and I’m thinking that we’ll finally get a reveal as to who’s a part of this group. Since this storyline doesn’t appear to be ending, and TNA loves “invading factions”, expect the Aces and 8’s to take this match…thanks to Bully Ray who will turn on Sting and reveal himself to be part of the biker gang. They worked really well as a team on Thursday but all of that plus Ray’s pleas to be trusted just hammer home that Sting is once again going to be the victim of a turncoat. There’s a sliver of a chance that TNA’s overindulgence on Ray trying to prove he’s a team player is a red herring and he is actually a team player but honestly I hope the screwjob does happen and it catapults Ray into the World Title picture for real.
  • Official Prediction: The Aces and 8’s win; Bully Ray reveals himself as a member of the group.

Street Fight: “The Cowboy” James Storm Vs. Bobby Roode [Special Enforcer: King Mo]

  • Like many other fans I thought that Storm/Roode was headed for the main event at Bound For Glory as the year-long feud had been building to that moment. However it wasn’t meant to be and instead the two will face off in a sure to be bloody street fight that’s being overshadowed by the debut of King Mo. It’s disappointing that TNA didn’t go with them as the top match of the show, for the belt and everything, but as a fan of street fights I’m definitely looking forward to this match. I think that in the end, Storm will finally defeat Roode and put an end to the feud once and for all…or until next month’s PPV. Either or.
  • Official Prediction: James Storm

Miss Tessmacher (c) Vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Title

  • The feud between Tessmacher and Tara has been excellent in its simplicity; it’s a simple “teacher Vs. pupil” story that is turned on its head now that Tara is looking to beat the student to a pulp. It’s going to be a good match and I think that Tara will end up taking it in the end; her heel character has been very strong and with her “Hollywood Boyfriend” scheduled to appear this Sunday it makes sense that winning the Knockouts Title would correspond with that. The feud between these two won’t be over at this though.
  • Official Prediction: Tara wins the Knockouts Title thanks to her Hollywood Boyfriend who better not be Eric Young or Johnny Fairplay.

Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (c) Vs. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle Vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

  • This triple threat match felt very thrown together when Hogan announced it a bunch of weeks back but TNA has done a good job of having these six guys continually wrestling one another in assorted matches to keep the build going. It’s helped to keep the match on people’s minds. Styles and Angle are looking to be headed towards a feud due to the tension between the two so I don’t expect them to walk out as champions. And although Chavo/Hernandez are starting to become a good tag team I don’t know if this month is their time to win it. I think Daniels/Kazarian weasel their way into keeping the belts and then maybe Chavo/Hernandez takes it off of them next month in a proper singles match. There could be a title change tonight I guess but Daniels/Kaz are so good that I just want another month. I’m greedy.
  • Official Prediction: Daniels/Kazarian retain the Tag Team Titles

Al Snow Vs. Joey Ryan [If Joey Ryan wins, he gets a TNA contract]

  • The Snow/Ryan match has been building slowly since Ryan “failed” the TNA Gut Check, with Ryan sucker punching Snow and Snow retaliating and getting Ryan to blindly sign the contract for this match. I have no idea if Snow can still go in the ring which makes me nervous, but I know Ryan is damn good and he can probably carry a good match between the two. With a TNA contract on the line being added as a stipulation on Thursday, I think it made Ryan winning an even bigger possibility. I’m going to say he takes it and wins the contract but don’t be surprised if Snow proves he still has it and beats Ryan, sending him back to the West Coast indy scene that already embraces him.
  • Official Prediction: Joey Ryan

Samoa Joe (c) Vs. Magnus for the TNA Television Title

  • The Joe/Magnus feud has been a bit of an afterthought on TNA programming, with a shove here and a Magnus promo there (including an excellent exchange between the two last Thursday). Their history as a tag team is good fuel for the storytelling of this match and both men are beyond talented so it’s going to be a damn good contest. With the TV Title on the line it also gives that belt a little bit of prestige, and the prestige angle is why I think Joe will retain. He just won the damn thing and it needs to be re-established. I know that’s stupid reasoning for why Joe retains but it is what it is. I’m not a rational man.
  • Official Prediction: Samoa Joe retains

Zema Ion (c) Vs. Rob Van Dam for the TNA X-Division Title

  • Talk about a match with no build; Ion/RVD was signed last Thursday and given about three minutes for the men to build it up. This is the one match on the card without a longer story attached, but 1) at least the X-Division gets a slot on the biggest show of the year and 2) Ion has the chance to get a hell of a rub by defeating RVD. And that’s what I think will happen; Ion will go over RVD either cleanly or under screwy means (or by RVD showboating too much) but regardless he walks out X-Division Champion with a hell of a win under his belt. I don’t think Ion loses the belt until Jesse Sorensen is cleared to wrestle again, to be honest.
  • Official Prediction: Zema Ion retains; the build to Ion/Sorensen slowly continues.

TNA Bound For Glory 2012 airs tonight on PPV/TNAOnDemand.com at 8PM/7PM Central. Stay tuned to this very website where I will have live coverage of the event in dry, overly detailed form.

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