[TV Review] IMPACT Wrestling – 10/11/2012 (‘Bound For Glory 2012’ Go Home Show)

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling: The final hype for Bound For Glory commenced with Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries in action, a stipulation added to the Al Snow/Joey Ryan match (that I thought was already in place), Bully Ray proving to Sting he was a team player, and most importantly, the X-Division getting a match for the biggest event of the year. Click “read more” for the match results and my thoughts on the show.

Match Results:

  • [TNA World Champion] Austin Aries pinned James Storm in 7:20.
  • Hernandez (w/ Chavo Guerrero Jr.) pinned AJ Styles in 3:54.
  • [TNA World Tag Team Champions] Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian defeated Sting/Bully Ray by Disqualification in 10:06.
  • [TNA Knockouts Champion] Miss Tessmacher pinned Gail Kim in 5:30.
  • Jeff Hardy beat Bobby Roode by Disqualification in 16:18.

Storyline Notes:

  • Tara informed Brooke Hogan that her “Hollywood” boyfriend would be in town for Bound For Glory.
  • It was announced that if Joey Ryan beats Al Snow on Sunday, he gets a TNA contract (again, a stipulation I thought already was in place but apparently it wasn’t).
  • Wes Brisco showed up and got Kurt Angle to agree to bring him to the show on Sunday.
  • AJ Styles and Kurt Angle had an argument in the back about Angle’s priorities, giving the team a little bit of dissension heading into their Sunday triple threat match.
  • Zema Ion came out and whined about not having a match for Sunday, and out came Rob Van Dam who challenged him and then kicked him for good measure. THE X-DIVISION LIVES!
  • The Aces and 8’s teased that a member in their ranks was on the show. Nothing immediate stood out outside of Brisco.
  • Austin Aries ended the show cutting a hell of a good promo on Jeff Hardy before attacking him and officially turning heel.

*What Worked*

Austin Aries Vs. James Storm: The opening match of tonight’s show was also its best as Aries and Storm went full throttle for the entirety of their 7 plus minute encounter. Although the ending was suspect (Bobby Roode interfered to cost Storm the match), it was necessary and it helped keep “The Cowboy” strong even in defeat. Aries looked strong as well and finally got a singles win after a few weeks of losses. Which is good since, you know, World Champion and all.

Sting/Bully Ray Vs. Daniels/Kazarian: Bully Ray turning against Sting on Sunday seems like a foregone conclusion, but at least we got one hell of an entertaining tag team match out of it first. Ray, desperate to prove to his partner and Hulk Hogan that he could be trusted, played the cheerleading babyface through out the whole show and he and the Stinger had the Impact Zone in the palm of their hands the entire match. The finish, Ray powerbombing Daniels through the table to call a DQ, was an awesome exclamation point and made them look like a strong united front headed into their war with the Aces and 8’s. All in all a very fun match that made me want to see Sting and Ray beat the hell out of people. Extra props to Daniels who sold like a motherf*cker in a way that made the faces look dominant and made himself look like a million bucks (if that makes sense).

Jeff Hardy Vs. Bobby Roode: A damn good main event to cap off a damn good edition of IMPACT Wrestling. 16 minutes of quality action, dramatic near-falls, and a red-hot crowd. Roode’s low blow to cause the DQ seemed weird, but again that was necessary to preserve him going into Sunday. They took it to each other though and for any new TNA watchers made the company seem like the one to watch for actual wrestling.

Austin Aries Turns Heel: Immediately following the Hardy/Roode match, Aries came out and cut a really good promo about how he was being set up to fail and how TNA curtailed to the whims and desires of Hardy but not to him despite being World Champion. It began in a cheesy way (Aries saying he was “going off script” and crumpling up said script) but the fire Aries showed was tremendous as was the post-match attack on Hardy. This was the sort of energy this storyline needed to make the match truly feel worthy of the main event slot and I think it did its job…just a little bit too late. Aries/Hardy could’ve used this turn of events a month ago to helped build the match more.

Magnus: The Samoa Joe/Magnus storyline hasn’t been given much attention but their match is one of the ones I’m looking forward to on Sunday. They had a brief altercation backstage to add some fuel to the fire and Magnus was easily the MVP; he was so cocky and at the same time calm and collected, and her verbal barbs towards Joe were pretty damn good. He’s the total package, people; let’s hope TNA eventually sees that.

Overall Show: As far as “go home” shows go, IMPACT Wrestling did what it needed to do: it hyped up the storylines, laid out the card, had some good promos, and showcased the wrestlers/teams that will be competing Sunday. And on top of that, the wrestling itself was excellent and fun to watch. As a TNA fan, I say that this show was a definite slam dunk and one of the best I’ve seen from them in awhile. They pulled out as many stops as possible in the 2 hours they were allotted and I think they sold some buys for Sunday.

*What Was Okay*

Rob Van Dam Challenges Zema Ion: I really liked and really disliked this segment. Ion was good on the mic as the cocky champion but the fact that he ran down the division he’s champion of so harshly was a little over the top. RVD coming out to challenge him was definitely a shocker, but it’s a match I’m down to give a chance to. But considering that it’s only getting signed three days before the show puts it in the “okay” category; not much to go on here or invest in for Sunday (RVD has been waning on popularity and the X-Division has been all but forgotten, killing its credibility).

Miss Tessmacher Vs. Gail Kim: Not a horrible Knockouts match, and it made Tessmacher look strong going into her title defense on Sunday, but one thing stuck out to me the whole time: Kim is just so much better than Tessmacher is. Everything she did was just innately better. I know it’s stupid to talk in absolutes like that but that’s just what I saw. Tessmacher is good, but Kim outclassed her even in defeat.

The Al Snow/Joey Ryan Stipulation: I seriously thought the “if Ryan wins he gets a contract” stipulation was already in play so when they announced it and the Twittersphere reacted like it was news, it threw me off. Guess it wasn’t an actual stip until this show. Weird. So for that reason it didn’t really impact me much; I’m still looking forward to the match though. Joey Ryan is a man deserving of a PPV slot.

*What Didn’t Work*

For once I can report that nothing really stuck out as “bad” this week. TNA did everything they could to make this an entertaining show and they made pretty much all the right moves (segments or matches not mentioned weren’t bad, they were just forgettable but not in an obscene way). Good show heading into their biggest event of the year and I’m pulling for them to draw a decent buyrate from it. They deserve to.

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