[TV Mini-Recap] WWE Main Event – 10/10/2012

This week on WWE Main Event, Randy Orton returns to take on The Big Show and Kofi Kingston rejoins the singles ranks by taking on Michael McGillicutty. Click “read more” to see the mini-recap (no detailed blow by blow for the matches) plus my own thoughts on the show.

After the pyro and shots of the crowd, we go to the ring where Michael Cole and The Miz (wearing a ridiculously amazing red sports coat) are in the ring. Cole welcomes the audience. Miz puts himself over and calls himself “awesome”. They hype the Randy Orton/Big Show match.

Hype Video: The Big Show

A video package about The Big Show airs, featuring all sorts of talking heads talking him up to the home audience. Show brings up his jokey past, but says he’s now fed up. Show says he’s been told to hold back to entertain the crowd, but now he doesn’t care about being loved or liked. He says he isn’t an entertainer, he’s a giant.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews The Big Show. Show says tonight he has to once again prove he’s the most dominant force in the WWE Universe. He calls the fans fickle and that’s why he stopped caring about them. Show puts his giant fist against Matthews and tells him all the ways it could damage him (busting blood capillaries, breaking teeth, etc.). Show says he’s going to reintroduce his fist to Orton again tonight and prove that his win over Orton a few weeks ago wasn’t a fluke.

Miz puts over the devestating impact of the WMD. Cole says Orton has a plan and leads us into a video package.

Hype Video: Randy Orton

The same sort of video package The Big Show had, talking heads and all, but instead focuses on his icy-cold demeanor. Orton talks about his rough start in the business and said he had to earn the respect of his peers. Triple H talks about bringing him aboard to Evolution. Orton talks about how addicting the fans admiration is and how it’s motivated him to be a better person and superstar. Arn Anderson ends the video package by saying there is nothing that can get in Orton’s way.

Matt Striker is backstage with Randy Orton. Striker brings up Show defeating him for the #1 contendership on Smackdown a few weeks ago as well as Alberto Del Rio‘s attack on him before and after said match.. Orton says he’s not going to make excuses and says he’ll be seeing Del Rio soon. Orton says he’s not ashamed to lose to Show but he doesn’t like losing. Orton says lightning doesn’t strike twice…but a viper can. His music hits as he leaves the interview area to head to the ring.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for the match as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

The Big Show makes his way out to the ring as we come back from commercial. He’s all trash talk as he walks down the aisle. We see clips from their Smackdown match from 2 weeks ago where Show won the #1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Title. After Show beats him, he knocks him out with the WMD. Cole says Alberto Del Rio would attack Orton once again later that night as the bell rings.

Match #1: The Big Show pinned Randy Orton in 21:50.

  • A couple of cool spots notwithstanding, this was a pretty boring match as far action goes. I started tuning in and out during the rest holds and had to snap myself back to reality. Not the two guys I would’ve picked to have a 20 minute match. (C)

Matt Striker stops The Big Show at the entrance stage for a post-match interview. Before Striker gets his question in, Show snatches the mic out of his hand and says he’ll knock Sheamus out at Hell in a Cell and become the World’s Largest Champion. He shoves the mic into Striker’s hands and walks away. Orton lays in the ring as he gets checked over by the ring doctor.

Main Event Hype: World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus has words of his own for The Big Show right after the commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Josh Matthews brings in Sheamus for an interview. Sheamus says The Big Show may be the biggest challenge he’s ever had in the WWE but it doesn’t mean he isn’t looking forward to it. He puts over how big beating Show at Hell in a Cell would be for him then exits the interview area.

  • Thoughts: Best Sheamus promo in forever. No racism, no jokes, just straightfoward “I want to beat this man” talk. More of this from him, please.

Kofi Kingston comes out for the second match. He gives a kid sitting along the aisle a hat. He showboats for the crowd and Cole pontificates what The Miz will have to say about Kingston (the two had an altercation on Raw)  as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from commercial break with Kingston’s match already in-progress. His opponent is Michael McGillicutty.

Match #2: Kofi Kingston pinned Michael McGillicutty (2:25 of the match shown)

  • Disappointing that the match was joined in-progress but a decent squash given what was shown. Not much to really talk about here other than it was a good way to continue re-establishing Kingston as a singles star now that his tag team with R-Truth has broken up. I would’ve rather had 21 minutes of this. (C+)

The Miz gets into the ring to interview Kingston. Miz sarcastically congratulates him and Kingston says it was a fun match. Miz makes fun of Kingston for saying it was fun and says Kingston’s attitude devalues everything that happens in the ring as well as Miz’s IC Title. Miz says Kingston cheap-shotted him on Raw and he will never be at his level. Kingston says maybe he wants Miz to think he’s a non-threat and he’s hiding a dagger behind the smile (heh?). Kingston challenges Miz to a match. Miz tells him to name the time and place. Kingston says next week on Main Event and Miz gladly accepts. Kingston then adds the Intercontinental Championship to the match and Miz laughs it off. Kingston says he himself was IC Champion was a year ago and says if Miz refuses to put the belt on the line it shows that Kingston was a better IC Champion than Miz will ever be. Miz takes the bait and officially puts the Intercontinental Championship on the line for next week. Kingston mockingly says “sounds like fun”. Miz tries to cheap shot him, but Kingston ducks and hits him with the Trouble in Paradise. Kingston poses with the Intercontinental Championship and we see a replay of Kingston laying out Miz. Cole then hypes the Miz/Kingston match for next week and we go back to Kingston standing over a fallen Miz as we fade to logo.

  • Thoughts: So Miz is finally going to put the belt on the line? Excellent. It’ll be interesting to see how Miz will balance being color commentator and wrestler on the same show. Either way at least Main Event ended up with a hook for viewers to want to watch the show next week. Good ending.

Overall Show Grade: C

  • This is the first edition of Main Event I’ve seen all the way through and while I like some of the elements (the pre and post-match interviews, the hype videos), something about having the big match on first is jarring to me. I’m not used to it and frankly I don’t really like it; if they want to concentrate on just one match, then just have the one match you know? I’ll be keeping an eye on the show over the next few weeks but as far as recaps or actual viewing…I’m not going to go out of my way. This is an expendable show.

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