[TV Review] NXT – 10/3/2012

This Week on NXT: The Richie Steamboat/Kassius Ohno feud continues, Seth Rollins and Michael McGillicutty have a final confrontation before their NXT Championship match next week, and Big E Langston teaches the college kids at Full Sail how to count to five. Click “read more” for a mini-recap/review of the show

Note: Due to Hulu Plus’ shorter commercial breaks, match times may vary.

Match Results:

1) Drew McIntyre pinned Richie Steamboat in 4:26.

  • Notes: Kassius Ohno came out and distracted Steamboat, giving McIntyre the opening to take control and win with the Future Shock DDT.

2) Big E Langston pinned Aiden English in 1:14.

  • Notes: Langston made the ref count to five. He then hit his finisher two more times, counting to five himself for added oomph.

3) Kassius Ohno pinned Percy Watson in 3:19.

  • Notes: Richie Steamboat attacked Ohno during his entrance as revenge for earlier, but Ohno ended up winning anyway.

4) The Ascension (Conor O’Brian/Kenneth Cameron) defeated Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel in 10:27.

  • Notes: Jim Ross joined Saxton and William Regal on commentary.

Segment Overview:

  • The opening video package detailed Richie Steamboat’s win over Kassius Ohno the week before, and Ohno’s post-match attack.
  • Kassius Ohno arrived to the NXT Arena and was accosted by an interviewer who asked about his attack on Steamboat last week. Ohno said he did him a favor but Steamboat came out from behind and attacked him as payback.
  • Richie Steamboat furiously searched backstage for Kassius Ohno after his loss. He stopped Michael McGillicutty in the hall to ask Ohno’s whereabouts, but McGillicutty angrily said he didn’t know as he made his way to the ring.
  • Michael McGillicutty made his way to the ring as Byron Saxton informed the home audience that he would challenge Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship next week. McGillicutty called out Rollins to the ring and the champ obliged. Rollins challenged McGillicutty to fight now instead of next week. McGillicutty refused to accept the challenge and left the ring as Rollins held the title up.
  • An interview with Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel aired that was taped “earlier in the day”. Briley Pierce handled the interviewing. Kidd and Gabriel started to cut a generic “we’re going to beat these guys” promo when The Ascension’s theme music hit out of nowhere. All three men got up and turned around, seeing The Ascension in the rafters seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

*What Worked*

Big E Langston: This is the first time I’ve seen Langston is action and by the end of his entrance I was already all-in on his character. He’s cut from the same dominant mold as Ryback but far more entertaining and with a more devestating finisher. His co-opting of King Kong Bundy‘s classic “five count” gimmick seemed dumb at first, but there’s enough of a spin there to make it feel fresh. This guy has got the look and the charisma to make it in the WWE. I want to see more of him.

Richie Steamboat/Kassius Ohno: The continuation of the Steamboat/Ohno feud was interesting this week from a booking perspective. Normally the face would cost the heel the match and not vice versa, but the latter is what happened and I found that interesting. Makes Ohno look strong against Steamboat despite his loss to him last week. I’m digging this feud; two quality talents working a simple but effective storyline with one another (and one that involves THE EYE POKE OF DOOM as a catalyst!). Pro wrestling at its non-convoluted best.

Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel Vs. The Ascension: A good main event TV match between a team I really dig and one I’m just seeing for the first time. The Ascension as a gimmick just sounds hokey on paper but O’Brian and Cameron are very f*cking committed to it and they got me on board within a matter of minutes (their barging in on the Kidd/Gabriel promo got to me to audibly say “WHAAAAT” but in a good way, if that makes sense).

Drew McIntyre: I’ve become quite the McIntyre fan over the past month and change thanks to his apperances on Superstars and awesomely ridiculous stable with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. Tonight he got to showcase his wares against Steamboat and while the match itself was good, McIntyre was even better. The more I see of him, the angrier I get that Vince McMahon soured on him so quick.

*What Was Okay*

Seth Rollins/Michael McGillicutty Confrontation: With Rollins making his first defense of the NXT Championship next week against McGillicutty, their confrontation this week was a good chance to get any potential new viewers interested in seeing them face off. Unfortunately their verbal sparring left a lot to be desired. Neither of them really popped much on the mic and both could use a little more work at it (which is what I guess NXT is there for). Wasn’t a good sell for the match itself, but I bet that it’ll still be an excellent contest given their in-ring ability.

Overall Show: This edition of NXT was not bad by any means but it felt like a placeholder episode. Next week is going to be bigger with CM Punk making an appearance and the NXT Championship match so they didn’t really do much here outside of continue the Steamboat/Ohno feud and show off the power of the almighty Langston. It was still watchable though for the good main event and, once again, watching Big E Langston cap a fool (wow, how am I ever going to become a professional wrestling pundit with outdated and semi-racist lingo like that?).

*What Didn’t Work*


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