[TV Quick Review] WWE Superstars – 10/4/2012

This week on Superstars, The Rhodes Scholars continue their ascension to the near-top of the tag team ranks by facing off against The Usos in the main event. Plus Wade Barrett brings his barrage to the C-show, David Otunga takes a break from being Brogue Kicked, and Yoshi Tatsu will once again try to score a win (you can guess how that turns out). Click “read more” for a quick review/recap of the show plus some thoughts of my own.

Note: Due to Hulu Plus having shorter commercial breaks, match times may vary.

After the opening Superstars video plays, we go right to the arena where Wade Barrett is making his entrance for the first match. Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews welcome the home audience and put over Barrett. His opponent, Tyson Kidd, comes out next and gets a much better reaction than I expected.

Match #1: Wade Barrett pinned Tyson Kidd in 6:00.

  • A better and more competitive match than the two had on Raw last month. Kidd got a lot of good offense in and he helped make Barrett’s offense look absolutely brutal (a particular highlight: Barrett hitting a slingshot backbreaker, a move I don’t remember seeing before but want to see more of in the future). Good to see Barrett in a more competitive match, but I’m not surprised that it happened on Superstars rather than on Raw or Smackdown. Almost felt like a test run. (B-)

Superstars Hype: Usos/Rhodes Scholars.

*Commercial Break*

David Otunga makes his way out for the second match. He is totally the black Chris Masters. His opponent this week is Michael McGillicutty who I guess is going to be working as a face this week despite the fact he’s normally presented as a heel. Fair enough. Stanford brings up McGillicutty and Otunga’s former reign as Tag Team Champions and how each blames the other for losing the belts last year. This is their first singles match against one another.

  • Thoughts: That was a nice callback by Stanford that gave this match a little story to work with. I like when the Superstars announcers do this; helps make the show seem less throwaway (although I guess it still is in the grand scheme of things, but just go with me here, okay?).

Match #2: David Otunga pinned Michael McGillicutty in 5:01.

  • This was not a pretty match. The communication seemed off as both men would go for a move but then have to adjust on the fly when the other wasn’t on the same page. That coupled with Otunga being sloppy (I’ve seen McGillicutty before so I know it wasn’t him) made for a less than stellar five minutes. (C)

Superstars Hype: Usos/Rhodes Scholars. Apparently this is a Smackdown rematch but since I don’t watch that show I’ll take their word for it.

*Commercial Break*

Matt Striker is now at ringside with Josh Matthews for the second half of Superstars. Out comes Tensai for the next match and once again Mr. Sakamoto is nowhere to be found. Who did he piss off? Striker and Matthews question Tensai’s confidence given the fact that Ryback has been wiping the mat with him for the past week (well he did “Block” Ryback’s finisher, but…you know). His opponent tonight is Yoshi Tatsu so I’m sure you can guess how this one is going to end. At least Tatsu would have an excuse for not being able to pick up Tensai though.

Match #3: Tensai pinned Yoshi Tatsu in 2:03.

  • A boring Tensai squash. Nothing really to say here. Where is this gimmick going? Seriously. (C-)

After the match, Tensai cuts a promo completely in Japanese.

  • Thoughts: If you translate Tensai’s promo, you’ll find a stunningly articulate strategy to reverse the federal deficit and to usher in a new era of prosperity for the United States. No you won’t.

*Commercial Break*

RAW Rebound (focus on AJ Lee‘s issues and being the guest referee of the main event, plus the intrusion of her “executive coach” Christopher J. Stevenson)

  • Shameless Plug: Instead of recapping this video package in its entirety, check out my recap of Monday’s show instead. It’s only 6500 words so it won’t take you longer than, like, five hours to read.

The Usos make their way out for tonight’s main event doing their usual Samoan war chant intro. I used to hate it but now it’s growing on me. Matthews tells us The Rhodes Scholars knocked them out of the tag team tournament on Smackdown and tonight is The Usos’ chance for revenge.  Jimmy and Jey pump the crowd up in the ring as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

The Usos await their opponents as we come back to commercial. They don’t have to wait long. Cody Rhodes makes his way out first to his own music. Damien Sandow comes out next to his music and meets Rhodes in the entrance aisle. They shake hands and head to the ring. Matthews talks about their TOUT about how to be a gentleman.

Main Event: The Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow/Cody Rhodes) defeated The Usos (Jimmy Uso/Jey Uso) in 13:04.

  • A decent tag team main event that would’ve benefited from being just a smidge shorter. But it did what it was supposed to do by giving The Rhodes Scholars (f*ck this “Team Rhodes Scholars” noise) some more experience and a win over an established WWE tag team. But while we’re on the subject, does anyone else find it funny/sad that the two tag teams that existed before the sudden boom, The Usos and The Colons, are now the ones taking all of the losses? They were literally the only tag teams around for what seemed like forever and now that they have a division to actually compete in they’re just fodder for the new thrown together duos like Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara. I don’t know, just an observation created from a segue that completely ignored the match this blurb was supposed to be about. (C+)

The Rhodes Scholars celebrate their win in the ring, including Rhodes setting Sandow up for two cartwheels (AWESOME), as we fade to logo.

Overall Show Grade: C+

  • Favorite Match: Tyson Kidd Vs. Wade Barrett
  • Least Favorite Match: Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Tensai

New episodes of WWE Superstars are made available every Friday only on Hulu Plus. For those in other countries, check your local listings for time and channel.

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