[TNA News] ‘IMPACT Wrestling’ to Remain Live…For The Most Part

Since going live over the summer, it’s safe to say that IMPACT Wrestling has become a far more enjoyable show. And it looks like the live broadcasts will be continuing for longer than originally anticipated…somewhat. ProWrestling.net has released a list of all the upcoming live IMPACT Wrestling events as well as the few that will be taped. Here they are for you, so I can steal some of their site hits and feel good about myself and this blog.

Upcoming LIVE IMPACT Wrestling Events:

  • September 20
  • September 27
  • October 4
  • October 11
  • October 18
  • October 25
  • November 1
  • November 8
  • November 29
  • December 6

Upcoming TAPED IMPACT Wrestling Events:

  • Monday, November 12
  • Tuesday, November 13
  • Monday, December 10
  • Tuesday, December 11

While it’s a bummer that they will be returning to taped shows at all, the amount of their live IMPACT Wrestling shows far outweighs them so it’s ultimately not a huge deal. Now to somehow expand the audience…that’s the big hurdle.

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