[WWE News] Jerry Lawler Suffers Heart Attack on ‘Raw’; Condition Said To Be Stable

Photo Credit = WWE.com

Fans tuning into Rawlast night were met with an unfortunate, and frightening, occurrence; during a match between Daniel Bryan/Kane and The Prime Time Players, commentator/legend Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsed to the floor at the announcer’s desk and was immediately rushed to the back. With little information to go on, a visibly (and rightfully) shaken Michael Cole did his best to keep the viewers updated on Lawler’s condition and at the end of the night he gave the good news that he was responding to light and breathing on his own.

Today more information has come out. WWE released a statement stating that Lawler’s condition was a heart attack and he is currently undergoing treatment at a cardiac care unit in Montreal. Much to the relief and joy of wrestling fans everywhere, Lawler’s vital signs and condition are now stable. PWTorch also adds that Stacy Carter, Lawler’s ex-wife and former WWE Diva The Kat, has tweeted that “The King” is heavily sedated following surgery that resulted in three stints and a balloon being placed in his heart. All signs point to Lawler surviving this scary ordeal.

This is really good news in an industry where something like this normally results in a heartbreaking loss of life and I’m ecstatic that it looks like he’ll pull through. Kudos to WWE and the EMT’s responding so quickly and saving his life, and props to Cole and the WWE Locker Room for handling such a scary and heart-wrenching situation with such class and professionalism. Here’s hoping more good news regarding the condition of Jerry Lawler gets delivered soon.

Get well soon, King. It’s not time to piledrive Andy Kaufman again yet.

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