[WWE News] WWE Network Could End Up an HBO-Style Pay Channel

The WWE Network has been in the works for what seems like forever as the company has struggled to get the channel on its feet for a variety of reasons. But although intended as a cable channel, included in packages much like an FX or ESPN, a fascinating new article from the L.A. Times paints a different picture. According to the piece, WWE is now exploring making the WWE Network a premium channel much like HBO or Showtime where you have to pay a monthly fee separate from your cable package for access.

Most of the article seems like speculation over fact, but it’s interesting speculation. The article estimates that the monthly cost could run between 10-15 dollars a month (14.95 according to one analyst) and that it could also result in the bulk of WWE’s “lower” PPV’s moving to the channel in order to entice viewers to sign up (the “big four”, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble, would assuredly remain on PPV to rake in the dough).

But, as I said, none of this is etched in stone; WWE has not commented on anything relating to this path so once again it’s pure speculation (my goal is to get that word in at least once a paragraph in this article). But to be honest, I think that’s an excellent idea and personally I’d throw my money at them if they did this; first off, it’d keep it commercial-free which is a plus (nothing kills a match worse than a commercial break) and having exclusive “big” shows would make it worth the price alone. All of the other added programming, classic matches and that Legends House reality show they have been mentioning since the WWE Network was first announced, would just be icing on the cake.

Do you think the WWE Network should be a basic cable channel or an HBO-like pay channel? Or do you think the WWE Network will never truly exist? Make your voice heard!

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