[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 9/10/2012 (‘Night of Champions 2012’ Go-Home Show)

Preview for the 9/10 edition of Raw:

  • At the end of last week’s episode, it was revealed that WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman were in cahoots. The nature of their partnership will be revealed tonight. And expect John Cena to respond to Punk’s attack last week that cost him his Falls Count Anywhere match against Alberto Del Rio.
  • The legendary Bret Hart will make his WWE return to Montreal for the first time since the infamous “Montreal Screwjob” nearly 15 years ago.
  • GM AJ Lee will answer to her meltdown last week, and most likely continue to butt heads with Vickie Guerrero.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will continue to find life after the Brogue Kick, which was banned last Friday on Smackdown by their GM Booker T.
  • Some more matches will be announced for this Sunday’s PPV Night of Champions. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Expect all of this and so much more on this week’s edition of Raw.

We are live in Montreal, Quebec. Justin Roberts introduces Bret “The Hitman” Hart to the ring. The crowd goes wild as he makes his way out. Cole reminds everyone of the “Montreal Screwjob” from 1997, the last time Hart appeared for the WWE in Montreal. Cole runs down his accomplishments.

Hart surveys the cheering crowd, mic in his hand. He thanks them in French which gets an even louder pop. Hart goes to talk, but the crowd continues to cheer. A minor “Thank You Bret!” chant can be heard. An “Ole!” chant then breaks out much louder. Maybe they are all El Generico fans. Hart says this is a great moment for him, to come back to Montreal. He says he doesn’t know what to say after 15 years. A much louder “Thank You Bret!” chant starts. Hart says what happened 15 years ago was one of the darkest moments of his life but also one of his proudest. He tells them Montreal has been in his heart for 15 years.  Hart says the Montreal fans got him through those dark days and he’ll never forget it. He thanks them for the years of support and once again the crowd cheers.

“Cult of Personality” plays bringing out WWE Champion CM Punk to interrupt the proceedings. The crowd is mostly boos, but some cheers can be heard. Punk stares at a fan yelling at him in a Hart t-shirt. Punk is wearing Hart’s colors. He grabs a mic of his own. Punk says what has happened over the past 15 years was already detailed in the book about himself. Punk says if he wrote a book, it’d be titled “What if…” and Punk asks what if he was the one that faced Hart at Survivor Series 1997. 

Hart says it would’ve taken less a minute to wrap Punk up like a pretzel. Punk says it isn’t true, and here’s what would’ve happened: the WWE as we know it would not exist. Punk says he’s the Best in the World and he wouldn’t have needed Vince to screw Hart. Punk says Vince would’ve never screwed Bret and the Attitude Era would’ve never existed, and he would’ve immediately jumped to WCW and ended the WWE once and for all.

Hart calls himself “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be”. Punk says it kills him that Hart still calls himself that. Punk says Hart could call himself the “King of Memphis” and it wouldn’t be true, then looks over at Jerry Lawler at the announce table and condescendingly asks how he’s doing. Hart says Lawler never walked out of the ring like a coward like Punk did last week on Raw. 

Hart gestures to the Titan Tron and we see the conclusion of last week’s show, where Punk attacked John Cena then was whisked away in a car driven by Paul Heyman. Punk says he was in his hometown, a town that treats champions respectfully, and was in a hurry to enjoy his day off. Punk says he returned to pick up some things in the locker room and saw Cena right in front of him. He then asks where Cena is right now, and asks Hart if Cena has his back. Punk asks Hart if Cena’s going to be his “white knight” tonight.

Hart says he did talk to Cena and he wanted to talk to the crowd one on one. He says respect and Punk interrupts him. Punk says Hart says he doesn’t know the meaning of the word of respect or else he wouldn’t be talking to him like that. Punk says he will beat Cena at Night of Champions and cement his legacy as the greatest WWE Champion of all-time. The crowd boos. Punk says the cheers Hart got are the ones he deserves every time he wrestles.

Punk says Hart is just like Cena: overstated, overhyped, and overrated. Punk says he’ll put Cena to sleep at Night of Champions. Hart says “like you’re putting all these people to sleep right now.” The crowd cheers, then chants “Bret!” and “Boring!” at the same time. Punk says he’s going to turn Cena into a beaten down, broken, empty shell of a man just like Hart then he drops the mic like any true M.C. would. Punk stares at him from the apron, then jumps down. An “Asshole!” chant breaks out. Punk raises his belt in the air and walks to the back as “Cult of Personality” plays.

  • Thoughts: Another great Punk promo and a nice showdown between the two. I wish they would’ve mentioned the fact Punk is wearing Hart’s colors though; it would’ve been awesome if he said he was doing it as an insult to Hart or something. Seems weird for him to be doing so otherwise. Either way a tremendous opening, tremendous ovation for Hart, and great way to open the show. I am in.

Raw Hype: Hart will interview John Cena later tonight.

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RAWactive Poll: Who will be Punk’s opponent tonight? (Choices: Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler, and Randy Orton).

  • Thoughts: Is it weird that I want to see Brodus Clay get the win? The trainwreck possibilities are too great to ignore!

The WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston make their way to the ring for the first match, a non-title affair. It’s mentioned they will defend against The Prime Time Players at Night of Champions. WWE IC Champ The Miz makes his way out next, followed by WWE US Champion Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro says “Prestige” in five different languages. A battle royal will take place during the Night of Champions pre-show to decide his contender during the PPV. Miz still doesn’t have a challenger though.

Match #1: [WWE Tag Team Champions] R-Truth/Kofi Kingston Vs. [WWE Intercontinental Champion] The Miz/[WWE United States Champion] Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana)

Miz and Kingston start off. Kingston gets a waistlock, and transitions into a side headlock. Miz whips him into the ropes, and Kingston ducks a clothesline and gets a monkey flip. He gets a quick 1-count. R-Truth tags in and he and Kingston deliver a double Russian Legsweep and a double elbowdrop. Cesaro runs in and the Tag Champs knock him to the outside. Kingston uses R-Truth to launch himself over the top and onto Miz and Cesaro. The champs celebrate in the ring as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We are back, and Cesaro has R-Truth in a resthold as Aksana lays on the apron blowing kisses. We see what happened during the break but I’m not recapping it. Cesaro hits a European Uppercut and tags Miz in. Miz connects with a legdrop over the second rope and goes for the pin. 2-count. Miz beats on R-Truth in the corner until the ref rips him out. Miz hits his running clothesline then heads to the top rope. He hits a flying axehandle on R-Truth’s back and goes for the pin. 2-count. Miz applies a sort of camel clutch, and R-Truth fights out. Miz hits the ropes and R-Truth catches him with a heel kick.

Cesaro tags in but Kingston also gets the hot tag. Kingston unleashes a flurry of offense then connects with the Boom Drop. Kingston signals for the Trouble in Paradise, but Miz distracts him. He dropkicks Miz off the apron which allows Cesaro to take control. Kingston moves from a corner splash. Kingston hits a flying crossbody and Miz breaks the count. R-Truth dropkicks Miz to the floor, then Cesaro tosses him over the top. Cesaro rolls Kingston up but only gets a 2-count. Kingston ducks a punch and hits the Trouble in Paradise for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: [WWE Tag Team Champion] R-Truth/Kofi Kingston (8:08)

  • A fun, but ultimately meaningless, match. Why don’t the singles champions wrestle singles matches? I guess that makes too much sense. Still I enjoyed seeing all four in action. (B-)

Last Week on Raw: Sheamus defeats Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio/Ricardo Rodriguez attack. Sheamus hits Rodriguez with a nasty Brogue Kick.

Last Week on Smackdown: GM Booker T bans the Brogue Kick due to what happened on Raw. Del Rio smiles evilly at ringside.

Backstage, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is talking it up with Bret Hart. Apparently we’ll be seeing some sort of legal thing that happened earlier today next. Yay?

  • Thoughts: Sheamus is probably asking Hart for tips on how to get even more pale.

*Commercial Break*

At the announce table, Cole and Lawler lead into the legal

Sheamus’ Deposition

David Otunga is there representing Ricardo Rodriguez who’s wearing a neck brace. Sheamus goes to threaten Otunga, but his lawyer stops him. Otunga asks him for his full name; apparently Sheamus is really “Sheamus Lipshitz” because he’s half-Jewish. He makes a bunch of lame jokes then says he was joking about his last name. Otunga is flustered. Otunga asks him if he Brogue Kicked Rodriguez last week and he says yes and he would do it again. Otunga shows him a pic of a ref he Brogue Kicked earlier this year. Otunga then brings up Daniel Bryan, leading to some “Yes!” chants. Sheamus brags about winning the World Title at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds.

Otunga lays into him about the Brogue Kick and Sheamus’ lawyer keeps saying “objection!”. Sheamus says the Brogue Kick doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Sheamus gets up and Brogue Kicks the camera then starts singing “Hava Nagilia”.

  • Thoughts: First off let me just say that this was very well-shot; it was insanely cinematic and looked truly unique in comparison to usual WWE vignettes. That being said while I was a little entertained by it, Sheamus came off like a petty child and the jokes were pretty wretched. Otunga is a pretty good actor though; good for him. Either way many will see this as a waste of time, but for some weird reason I was entertained by it. They did something new visually, at the very very very least.

Raw Hype: Sheamus will face David Otunga.

Another mention of the RAWactive poll. Apparently Lawler is wearing elbowpads, so…

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WWE Divas Champion LaylaKaitlyn, and Eve Torres come out for the next match, a six-man tag team affair. Why is Eve teaming with them? I thought she was a heel? Did I miss something? Their opponents: Beth PhoenixAlicia Fox, and Natalya.

Match #2: [WWE Divas Champion] Layla/Eve Torres/Kaitlyn Vs. Beth Phoenix/Alicia Fox/Natalya

Kaitlyn and Phoenix start the match off. Phoenix backs her up in the corner and connects with an elbow. Kaitlyn gains the offense and hits a shoulder block. Natalya rakes her in the eyes and tags in. She and Phoenix throw Kaitlyn down and Natalya goes for the pin. 2-count. Kaitlyn ducks a clothesline but Fox kicks her in the back and Natalya clotheslines her. Fox tags in and hits a bridging suplex pin for a 2-count.

Fox whips Kaitlyn in the corner but misses a kick. Layla tags in and takes it to all three evil ladies. Layla hits a springboard crossbody for a 2-count. Fox reverses an Irish whip but gets a kick to the face. Torres tags herself in and hits a rolling neckbreaker for the 1…2…3!

Winners: Layla/Eve Torres/Kaitlyn (2:26)

  • That was…um…something. I know I seem sexist but seriously: the Divas division is horrible. Although Torres has a cool little character. (C-)

Backstage, Raw GM AJ Lee is watching the monitor. CM Punk walks in and bemoans the fact he has a match tonight but John Cena doesn’t. Punk asks Lee if she’s doing this because she’s embarrassed about her little “episode” last week. Lee says things could be worse; she could have made him fight Sheamus. Lee says since Punk walked out last week, the people get to choose his fate this week and wishes him luck before walking away. Punk makes a dumb face at her and turns right into Brodus Clay who says “what’s up?”. Punk walks away as Clay smiles.

  • Thoughts: The crowd booed Clay. I now want to move to Montreal.

One more RAWactive reminder as the match is up next!

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WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way out to the ring for the next match. He does the “It’s Clobbering Time!” thing and the belt falls off so he catches it instead of making the Raven pose. Michael Cole gets on the house mic to reveal the RAWactive results. Punk’s opponent is…Randy Orton! Phew.

Match #3: [WWE Champion] CM Punk Vs. Randy Orton

Punk and Orton lock up, and Punk gets a quick side headlock. Punk takes Orton down with a shoulder block but Orton quickly bounces back up. They lock up once again and another side headlock by Punk. Orton whips him into the ropes and Punk takes him down again. Orton responds with a hip toss however, and Punk retreats to the corner. Third lockup, and now Orton is the one with the side headlock. Punk backs him into the corner and connects with a series of knees.

Punk pulls him out of the corner and stomps on the midsection. Punk connects with a backbreaker and goes for the pin. 1-count. Punk applies a sleeperhold. Orton gets to his feet, but Punk knees him repeatedly and knocks him back to the mat. Punk now has a chinlock applied. Orton gets back to his feet and elbows his way out, then headbutts Punk. Orton lays into Punk in the corner and whips him across the ring. Punk jumps over him and Orton attempts the RKO, but Punk slips out and rolls out of the ring. Orton beckons for Punk to re-enter the ring. Instead, Punk starts walking away. Orton runs up the ramp and they start fighting in the aisle. Orton throws Punk into the crowd barrier. Orton rolls him back in. Punk dropkicks Orton’s legs, and Orton falls off the apron and onto the floor. Orton struggles to recover as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break, Orton is breaking out of an Abdominal Stretch. He hip tosses Punk to the mat but misses a knee drop. Punk drops an elbow from the second rope and goes for the pin. 2-count. Punk bodyslams Orton and drops the leg. He goes for another pin. 2-count. Punk goes to the top for the Savage Elbow but Orton crotches him. Orton lays into Punk as he sits on the top turnbuckle. Orton goes to the top rope and delivers a top rope superplex. Orton goes for the pin. 2-count.

Orton and Punk get to their knees and trade right hands. They get to their feet and Orton wins the punch-off. Orton hits the ropes, but Punk kicks him in the gut. Punk hits the ropes himself but Orton hits a series of clotheslines. Orton delivers a back bodydrop then plays to the crowd as Punk lies on the apron. Orton tries to pull him through the second rope for the DDT but Punk kicks him. Punk hits a springboard clothesline for the 1…2…KICK OUT.

Punk signals for the GTS. He picks him up but Orton elbows out. He tries the RKO but Punk throws him into the ropes. Orton comes back and hits a backbreaker for the 1…2…KICK OUT. Orton throws Punk to the apron and pulls him through the second rope. He connects with the DDT, then signals for the RKO. Dolph Ziggler runs in and interferes, causing the disqualification.

Winner [via DQ]: Randy Orton (13:43)

  • A good match between the two, filled with some cool near-falls. The crowd was eating it up too and gave it a big match feel. Ziggler’s interference was sort of disappointing but absolutely necessary. (B)

Orton lays out both Ziggler and Punk. He decides to hit the RKO on Punk instead of Ziggler but Ziggler attacks from behind once again. Punk grabs Orton’s legs as Ziggler beats him down to the bat. They lay into him until Jerry Lawler rushes in and helps Orton clear house. The crowd goes wild. The fight continues on the outside until it awkwardly cuts to commercial TNA-style.

*Commercial Break*

Match #4: Jerry Lawler/Randy Orton Vs. Dolph Ziggler/CM Punk

We join this match already in progress (also apparently this is a match now). Orton nails a clothesline to Ziggler and starts in with a series of stomps followed by an uppercut. Orton nails a slingshot suplex and goes for the pin. 2-count. Lawler tags in and dropkicks Ziggler. He goes to the second rope and connects with the flying fist. Lawler goes back to the second rope and hits another fist. He goes for the pin. 2-count.

Ziggler connects with a dropkick out of nowhere. Punk twirls the tag rope around uninterested in the proceedings. Ziggler regains the advantage and hits an elbowdrop for a 2-count. Ziggler applies a side headlock. Lawler gets out but Ziggler connects with a fist to bring him back to the mat. Ziggler chokes Lawler with his boot. Ziggler jokingly sticks Lawler’s hand out to “tag” Orton then connects with a series of forearms to Lawler’s head. Ziggler pushes Lawler to the mat then jokingly walks around him. He then hits an elbow and goes another pin. 2-count.

Ziggler applies a rear chinlock. Punk still looks bored out of his mind. Lawler reverses the headlock into a back suplex. Orton tries to rally Lawler while Punk…just stands there. Orton tags in and hits a powerslam. He picks Ziggler up and Ziggler reverses the DDT attempt by sending him over the top rope and onto the floor. Paul Heyman walks to ringside, and Punk jumps off the apron to talk with him. Guerrero yells at them, but they ignore her. Heyman grabs the WWE Championship and hands it to Punk. They make small talk, while Ziggler and Orton fight in the ring. Orton hits the RKO on Ziggler for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: Randy Orton/Jerry Lawler (Time Not Recorded)

  • The Punk/Heyman stuff was gold. I really enjoyed their conference while the match was going on, oblivious to everything going on around them. The match itself? Well it was okay I guess but let’s be honest: it took a backseat to the Punk/Heyman stuff and deservedly so. It makes Ziggler/Orton/Lawler look stupid but that’s the point. It won’t hurt them in the long run. (C+)

Punk and Heyman walk away, ignoring what just happened. Lawler watches him leave angrily.

*Commercial Break*

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are walking backstage, and Matt Striker interrupts them to ask what the nature of their relationship is. They stare at him and after a moment of silence, Punk simply says “I’m a Paul Heyman guy”. They walk away.

At the announce table, Cole congratulates Lawler on his win and they lead into the Daniel Bryan/Kane feud.

Last Week on Raw: Daniel Bryan and Kane meet to “Hug It Out”. After some trepidation they finally hug and shake hands. But their playfulness turns physical and they brawl ringside. Kane tries to crush Bryan’s head with a chair, but the refs break it up. It allows Bryan to throw a chair at him then escape.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane meet. They have been led to meet against their will by…Dr. Shelby. Shelby thanks them for expressing their emotions honestly. He asks them how they’re feeling. Bryan asks Shelby why he’s here, and AJ Lee says she asked him to come here to help settle their differences. Dr. Shelby says he has an idea and it revolves around their ability to trust one another. They stare at each other as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

WWE Rewind: Last week’s Zack Ryder/Heath Slater match. Ryder won.

Heath Slater is already in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says Zack Ryder got lucky and after all the Twitter trash talk, he wants his rematch right now. Zack Ryder shows up on the TitanTron and says he won’t be facing him tonight. Instead it’s going to be Ryback. Ryback comes out wearing his new shirt. That’s not…intimidating.

Match #5: Ryback Vs. Heath Slater

A loud “Goldberg!” chant breaks out because Montreal doesn’t give a f*ck. Slater attempts a headlock but Ryback pushes him off so hard he flies to the outside. Slater gets back in and gets some offense but his pin attempt is met with being flung in the air. Slater kicks him, making Ryback angry. Slater hits a DDT and goes for the pin, but only gets another 1-count. Slater plays to the crowd, and is met with a lariat. Ryback hits a spinebuster followed by a power bomb. Ryback picks him up and hits the Samoan Drop for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Ryback (2:11)

  • Shock! Awe! Boring! Slater is damn good at making his opponents look good though and Ryback is getting over little by little. But…I mean…come on. (C-)

Back at the announce table, Cole and Lawler pimp the WWE App.

Backstage, The Prime Time Players are in AJ Lee‘s office. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil posit why they were brought here, but Lee shoots them down. Lee says they aren’t the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Prime Time Players plead their case, but Lee says they haven’t beaten every team. But they will get a chance to get the #1 Contendership back by facing…Daniel Bryan/Kane next!

  • Thoughts: I should’ve seen that coming. I need to start being cynical and trying to call what’ll happen next instead of enjoying the show. Wait no, that’s stupid as hell. Nice to see O’Neil/Young get some time to talk, they aren’t half-bad.

*Commercial Break*

Match #6: Daniel Bryan/Kane Vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil) in a #1 Contenders Match

Kane and O’Neil start off. O’Neil goes after him right away, but Kane connects with a clothesline. Kane lays into O’Neil in the corner and connects with a loud right hand. Kane slaps/tags Bryan in. Bryan hits a series of No! Kicks on O’Neil. Bryan tries to roll Bryan up, but Young tags in and hits a running clothesline for a 2-count. Young tries again and only gets 1.

O’Neil tags back in and he and Young hit a double shoulder block. O’Neil goes for the pin. 2-count. O’Neil delivers a massive bodyslam and kicks at the fallen Bryan. O’Neil beats down Bryan in the corner and distracts the ref so Young can get a kick in. Young tags in and continues the assault. Young hits a bridging suplex for a 2-count. Young applies a resthold. Bryan breaks out but Young knocks him back to the mat. O’Neil tags in and front suplexes his partner right on Bryan.

O’Neil chokes Bryan on the second rope and works him over in the corner. Bryan fights his way out of the corner but O’Neil picks him up and delivers a backbreaker for a 2-count. O’Neil continues to hammer away, then applies a rear chinlock. Young tags in and the crowd seems to be getting super quiet. Bryan and Young duke it out, until Young delivers a snapmare and applies another rear chinlock. Now the crowd is silent again after a brief flourish of excitement.

Bryan breaks out and hits a series of “No!” Locks followed by a suplex. A “Jerry!” chant breaks out for no reason. Bryan refuses to tag Kane and goes to the top rope. He misses a flying headbutt and Young goes for the pin. 2-count. Young applies another rear chinlock and this match should probably end before the Montreal fans riot. Bryan elbows his way out and hits the ropes. He ducks a clothesline and hits a running clothesline.

Once again Bryan refuses to tag Kane in and hits a series of “No!” Kicks. He hits the ropes and hits the final “No!” Kick. Kane slaps his back to tag in and starts cleaning house. Kane connects with a sidewalk slam on Young for the 1…2…KICK OUT. Kane goes to the top rope and connects with his awkward flying clothesline. Kane sets up for the chokeslam and connects. O’Neil tries to interfere, but gets thrown over the top rope. Bryan tags himself back in, and they stare each other down. Kane grabs Bryan and chokeslams him onto Young for the 1…2…3! ACCIDENTAL WIN!

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders [via Pinfall]: Daniel Bryan/Kane (8:29)

  • Apparently Jerry Lawler collapsed while the match was going, which is why the crowd and the commentators went deathly silent. I hope he’s okay. As for the match…it was what it was. Sucks to see The Prime Time Players lose their shot, but the Bryan/Kane team seemed inevitable. (C+)

Kane raises Bryan’s arm then attacks him.

Raw Recap: CM Punk/Bret Hart opening segment.

Raw Hype: Bret Hart will interview John Cena.

*Commercial Break*

Last Week on Raw: Sheamus debuts the Texas Cloverleaf as his latest finisher to beat Jack Swagger. Del Rio/Rodriguez post-match attack, Brogue Kick on Rodriguez.

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to announce Alberto Del Rio while wearing a neckbrace. Del Rio comes out in his expensive car. They make their way ringside. Out comes his opponent: Tyson Kidd. Hey, cool!

Match #7: Tyson Kidd Vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio immediately starts beating down Kidd. He runs the ropes but Kidd catches him with a spinning kick. Kidd attempts the sharpshooter but Del Rio pushes out. Del Rio hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a 2-count. Del Rio then goes right back to the offense and locks Kidd in a submission. Del Rio attempts a kick but Kidd moves and he spills out to the floor. Kidd runs the apron and kicks Del Rio in the face.

Kidd rolls Del Rio back in and and misses a springboard elbow. Del Rio hits a running knee to the face. Del Rio grabs Kidd’s legs, smiles, but Kidd slips out and takes Del Rio down. Kidd puts Del Rio in the Sharpshooter as the crowd cheers. Del Rio finally makes it to the ropes, forcing the break. Kidd misses a legdrop on the apron and Del Rio wrenches his arm. Del Rio applies the Cross Arm Breaker for the easy submission win.

Winner [via Submission]: Alberto Del Rio (2:55)

  • Quick match but it was fun to see Kidd on TV. He made a good foil for Del Rio and the Sharpshooter spot was awesome. A fun squash match. (C)

Del Rio kicks at Kidd some more then Rodriguez grabs a mic. Del Rio says he just destroyed this “Canadian peasant” and is hoping Sheamus is watching. Del Rio says Sheamus already lost the Brogue Kick and now it’s time for him to lose the World Heavyweight Title. Del Rio raises his arm in victory.

At the announce table, Michael Cole fills everyone in on Lawler: he collapsed and they are giving CPR to him in the back. Cole makes sure no one thinks it’s a storyline.

  • Thoughts: Cole looked extremely shaken and justifiably so; I really hope Lawler is okay.

*Commercial Break*

Night of Champions Hype: Pre-show will feature a battle royal. Winner faces Antonio Cesaro for the US Title on the PPV.

We’re back and there’s no commentary. Oh no. Holy shit.

Match #8: [World Heavyweight Champion] Sheamus Vs. David Otunga

Otunga goes on the early offensive but the ref pulls him off. Otunga continues the assault. Otunga slaps Sheamus in the face repeatedly. Sheamus responds with a headbutt and unleashes a fury of stomps and knee drops. Sheamus puts him over the top rope and lays in with 10 forearms. He pulls Otunga back in the ring and hits a backbreaker. Sheamus applies the Texas Cloverleaf and Otunga quickly taps.

Winner [via Submission]: Sheamus (1:36)

  • Quick match, but possibly because of the events that have recently transpired. Look I’m not all that invested right now. (C)

Sheamus goes to leave, but runs back into the ring. The crowd chants for him to hit the Brogue Kick and he complies, nearly knocking Otunga’s head off. Out comes Raw GM AJ Lee. Lee goes to say something, but outcomes Smackdown GM Booker T. Booker T says he’ll handle the situation, so Lee exits to the back. Booker says if he does it again, before his investigation is completed, he will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is talking with Bret Hart. Something is happening next, but there’s no commentary so I don’t know what. I guess the interview with John Cena?

*Commercial Break*

We are back from commercial and we see outside shots of Montreal. Looks like a nice city. Still no commentary.

Raw Recap: Daniel Bryan/Kane winning their tag team match to become the #1 Contenders to the Tag Belts at Night of Champions.

Superstar TOUT: R-Truth/Kofi Kingston say they’re ready for Bryan/Kane.

Backstage, Dr. Shelby is writing stuff down as Daniel Bryan and Kane walk in arguing. Shelby says their win was a triumph. Bryan calmly says he didn’t appreciate the chokeslam, but appreciates the win. They argue over whose name goes first in the team name. Shelby interjects and offers “Team Friendship” but they both reject it and walk off arguing.

  • Thoughts: It was funny I guess, but I’m not really in the mood to laugh at the moment.

Night of Champions Hype: We see graphics of the matches scheduled for the PPV.

Michael Cole updates us on the Jerry Lawler situation: he is breathing on his own. THANK FUCKING GOD. Phew. Cole says out of respect for Lawler, there will be no further commentary.

  • Thoughts: Good show of respect. Stopping the show would have been a horrible idea.

Rey Mysterio makes his way out for the next match. He meets with has masked fans as we go to another commercial.

Main Event: Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes gets an early waistlock but Mysterio catches him with a kick to stop the momentum. Rhodes hits the ropes, drops to his back, and punches Mysterio for a 1-count. Rhodes knees Mysterio in the gut repeatedly, hits the ropes, and connects with a running knee to the face for a 2-count. Rhodes continues the assault. Rhodes chokes him with his forearm, but Mysterio starts fighting back with some kicks to the hamstrings. Rhodes attempts a move but Mysterio fights out and sends Rhodes to the outside. Mysterio launches off the apron and connects with a hurricanrana. Mysterio rolls Rhodes back in and attempts a springboard legscissors but Rhodes catches him. Mysterio fights out but gets punched by Rhodes. Rhodes goes for the pin. 2-count.

Rhodes begs Mysterio to get up. Rhodes misses a splash in the corner and goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Mysterio ducks a clothesline and gets a spinning headscissor followed by a bulldog for a 2-count. Mysterio kicks Rhodes in the face and goes for another pin. 2-count. Mysterio heads to the top rope and flattens him. He hits the ropes but Rhodes catches him with a kick. He picks Mysterio up, but he slithers out and he kicks him to the second rope. Mysterio signals for the 619 but The Miz comes out to distract him. This allows Rhodes to hit the Cross Rhodes for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Cody Rhodes (4:38)

  • A good, quick match between the two. Great to see Rhodes pick up the win, even at the expense of interference. Love that guy. (B-)

The Miz goes to beat down Mysterio some more, but Rhodes gives him the Cross Rhodes out of nowhere. Rhodes picks up the IC Title and holds it above his head.

  • Thoughts: Triple threat at Night of Champions? Yes please.

John Cena is headed to the ring for his interview NEXT!

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole gives us another Jerry Lawler update: he’s in isolated ER and is responding to lights. He is awaiting a CAT scan, and fighting hard. Cole begs him to pull through it.

  • Thoughts: You got this Jerry. YOU GOT THIS.

*Commercial Break*

Bret Hart Interviews John Cena

Justin Roberts introduces Bret Hart and Hart makes his way to the ring. Hart looks shaken, but performs away and introduces John Cena. The crowd is as anti-Cena as they are anti-Punk. Cena makes his way out and shakes Hart’s hand. He grabs a mic of his own. Cena thanks Hart for the interview opportunity. Hart says the Punk/Cena feud reminds him of his feud with Shawn Michaels. Yeah, okay. Hart says he sees a lot of himself in Cena and a lot of the old HBK in Punk. Whoa there.

Cena says the differences between Punk and HBK are obvious. A loud “You Can’t Wrestle!” chant breaks out. Hart tries not to laugh. Cena puts over Hart as being better than him to get the crowd off of his back. Cena says unlike Punk, HBK never acted like anyone other than himself. Cena says HBK earned respect for standing for something, and that the Montreal crowd adores Hart for also standing for something.

Cena calls Punk desperate and delusional and says the WWE Championship doesn’t equal automatic respect. Hart asks Cena what he’s going to do to shut the phony little punk up. Out comes CM Punk to dispute what just went on. He walks to the entrance stage and asks if Hart just called him a phony. Cena says yes he did. Cena also calls Punk a phony and two things happen at this point: Punk stays up there or comes down to the ring and makes the worst decision of his life. Punk says he doesn’t need Cena’s permission to do whatever wants and is out here to defend his name in the face of such rampant disrespect.

Punk climbs to the apron and starts badmouthing Cena and Hart for talking about how great they were. Punk says he has passed Cena to become the best, and says that Hart was passed in the same way by Michaels. Punk says he is better than Michaels. Punk brings up Steve Austin and calls him a hillbilly before saying he’s also better than him. Punk also says he’s better than The Rock. He trumpets the fact he laid The Rock out in one night and Cena couldn’t do it in a year. Punk puts himself over more and says he truly believes it thus not making him a phony.

Cena brings up the Montreal crowd’s honesty, and says he’s going to take a page out of their book and hit Punk with a dose of truth. Cena says for the 300 days that Punk has been champion, the belt has been irrelevant. Cena brings up Punk’s win over him last year and how the WWE Universe expected change. But instead of change they got Punk trying to become a superstar. Cena then says he became a star because of himself, and himself alone.

Meanwhile, while Cena has stayed constant, Punk has had many phases because he doesn’t really know who he is. Cena says at Night of Champions Punk will need a new identity after losing the WWE Championship. Cena then talks in French to get the crowd popping, but before he can translate, Punk cuts him off by telling Cena he lowered himself. Cena snaps and yells at Punk. Cena says he’s going to kick Punk’s ass at Night of Champions.

Punk thinks about it, then goes to hit Hart but Cena blocks it. Cena takes off his shirt and begs for a fight. Punk once again tries to hit Hart, who blocks it and lays him out with one of his own. Punk rolls to the outside and stands there in disbelief at what just happened.

  • Thoughts: This is hands-down, no contest, the best segment of WWE television I have seen since become a regular watcher again over the summer. The intensity, the drama, it was amazing. Not only was Punk on the ball, but so was Cena and they both delivered amazing points. Granted they buried the WWE Title a little bit but hey honesty can be a bitch sometimes. Horrible circumstances surrounding the show aside, that was an amazing amazing amazing way to cap off the show. If I didn’t work weekends, Night of Champions would now have my money. They sold it.

Back at the announce table, Michael Cole gives us another update: Jerry Lawler’s condition has stabilized. He asks for the prayers of the fans as he signs us off.

Overall Show Grade: B

  • Favorite Match: CM Punk/Randy Orton
  • Least Favorite Match: Layla/Kaitlyn/Eve Vs. Alicia Fox/Beth Phoenix/Natalya
  • Favorite Segment: The Punk/Cena/Hart confrontation at the end. Tremendous stuff.
  • Least Favorite Segment: The fact that Brodus Clay was in the running for a big match.

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