[TNA News] ‘No Surrender 2012’ Preview; Final Card and Predictions

Tonight, TNA Wrestling presents No Surrender live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Although the build-up has been minimal, the event will crown the winner of the Bound For Glory Series and set the main event for the company’s biggest PPV of the year. Click “read more” to see the final announced lineup as well as my predictions/thoughts.

[Bound For Glory Series Semi-Final] James Storm Vs. Bully Ray

  • Storm called out Ray to be his semi-final opponent last Thursday on IMPACT Wrestling and considering the history between the two, it wasn’t that surprising. I expect the match to be hard-hitting but in the end Storm will pick up the deuce and make it to the BFG Series finals.
  • Prediction: “Cowboy” James Storm

[Bound For Glory Series Semi-Final] Jeff Hardy Vs. Samoa Joe

  • Hardy/Joe already fought last Thursday on IMPACT Wrestling with Hardy picking up the win via submission. But I don’t see the same happening here; Hardy is white-hot popular but I think Joe will pick up the win and the top 2 in the BFG Series will duke it out in the finals.
  • Prediction: Samoa Joe

[Bound For Glory Series Final]: James Storm Vs. Samoa Joe (if my two predictions are correct)

  • This will be Storm’s match to lose; the series has been all about establishing him as one of, if not the, top guy in the company and it’d be almost foolish to see him lose the entire thing (barring Bobby Roode interference or something). Plus, TNA has been building a Joe/Magnus feud so he’s already got something for Bound For Glory. Storm wins the match and takes his rightful spot at the top of TNA’s biggest event of the year.
  • Prediction: James Storm

[TNA World Champion] Austin Aries Vs. “The ArmBreaker” of Aces and 8’s

  • Aries will supposedly get his revenge in the ring tonight against the member of the Aces and 8’s that “broke” his arm but I don’t see it staying one on one for very long. I expect a clusterf*ck of gigantic proportions but here’s hoping that leads to some reveals of who the Aces and 8’s are. Then get Aries back into World Title-related matters; his win in July was monumental but his title reign has gone the way of Chris Benoit‘s back in ’04.
  • Prediction: Clusterf*cks galore

Zema Ion (c) Vs. Sonjay Dutt for the TNA X-Division Title

  • Although IMPACT Wrestling has been strong all summer, these past few weeks have criminally left the X-Division off the show while it concentrated on Aces and 8’s matters. Because of that, this match has absolutely no build but Ion/Dutt will still put on a fun match regardless. Ion will retain though, and continue to do so until he actually gets a real feud of some sort (not counting Jesse Sorensen of course).
  • Precition: Zema Ion retains

Miss Tessmacher (c) Vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Title

  • The story for Tessmacher/Tara is simple but effective (student Vs. teacher) and with Tara’s win a few weeks back on TV, I think Tessmacher will pull out the win leading to a rubber match either at Bound For Glory or on a random edition of IMPACT Wrestling depending on what the TNA management feels like doing.
  • Prediction: Miss Tessmacher retains in a close match

Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (c) Vs. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

  • These two teams tore down the house back at Slammiversary in June, and I guess TNA is hoping they have a repeat performance tonight. There’s no doubt that the match will be good, but with Angle working hurt Styles will have to carry the brunt of the match himself (which he can do no problem). I think Daniels/Kazarian will pull this win out to retain the belts to keep the feud going. Hopefully it sees a resolution next month and then finally Daniels and Styles can move on from facing each other on a monthly basis.
  • Prediction: Daniels/Kazarian will retain

Rob Van Dam Vs. Magnus

  • This match barely has a backstory (they brawled backstage last Thursday on IMPACT Wrestling) and with Magnus heading towards a program with Samoa Joe it’s pretty much a done deal that this match exists purely to get him over. Fine by me. This show needed a sort of filler match anyway.
  • Prediction: Magnus

No Surrender 2012 airs tonight live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at 8pm/7pm Central. You can order the event on PPV or via TNAOnDemand.com.

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