[PPV Results] TNA No Surrender 2012

Last night, TNA held its September PPV No Surrender in front of its usual wretched hive of scum and villainy at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Check out the official results plus my random thoughts by clicking “read more”!

1. [BFG Series Semi-Final] Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe

2. [BFG Series Semi-Final] Bully Ray defeated “Cowboy” James Storm [Bobby Roode returned and interfered, costing Storm the match]

  • I feel like an idiot for not seeing the Roode return coming to set up a match between him and Storm at Bound For Glory. Sigh. And although that was the obvious route, leading to a match that should happen, I’m still disappointed that Storm lost; it feels like his whole “redemption” arc went nowhere once they decided to go with Austin Aries as champion and losing the BFG Series is another blow to his credibility as a top contender, screwjob or not. But still, the story for Storm/Roode is damn good: Roode is the thorn in Storm’s side that keeps him from finally ascending to the top and their (unannounced yet, but inevitable) match at Bound For Glory will be filled with drama. That will be yet another chance for Storm to regain credibility, but if he loses that too…he might as well ask for his release and go elsewhere because he’s all but done.

3. Miss Tessmacher (c) defeated Tara to retain the TNA Knockouts Title

4. Austin Aries and the TNA Locker Room fought The Aces and 8’s in a non-match so there isn’t a finish to speak of.

  • The clusterf*ck we all expected and should not be shocked by. From what I’ve read no one was unmasked so once again we know nothing about the group. Wonderful.

5. Zema Ion (c) defeated Sonjay Dutt to retain the TNA X-Division Title

  • It’s good to see Dutt back after his injury, and now that TNA has remembered it has an X-Division I’m going to cross my fingers they start getting TV time again on Thursdays. I really like Zema Ion.

6. Rob Van Dam defeated Magnus

  • This is the dumbest result of the night; Magnus has been getting a push for the past couple of weeks and a showdown against former partner (in TNA, anyway) Samoa Joe seems evident for their biggest PPV of the year. In order to create interest, Magnus needs to be built since he’s barely done anything of note since, erm, his tag team with Joe. And yet he lost to Rob Van Dam. Unbelievable.

7. Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (c) defeated AJ Styles/Kurt Angle to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles

  • I heard these guys put on another amazing tag team match which is good to hear. Other than that…Daniels/Kaz emerging victorious is not surprising in the least. Now let’s wrap this feud between Styles and them up.

8. [BFG Series Final] Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray to win the BFG Series

  • To be fair I did not see this coming in the slightest; I had Ray pegged to win after the Aces and 8’s “injured” Hardy during that clusterf*ck from earlier. But TNA surprised me and had Hardy go over. While this does nothing for building a new legitimate main eventer, a spot Ray is beyond ready for, it presents us with a completely fresh main event for Bound For Glory; to the best of my knowledge Aries and Hardy have never really faced off so it’s something new to deliver for its biggest show of the year. Kudos to them on that; I’m sure the internet hates them for it.

So those are the No Surrender results. Some surprises to be sure, while others…not so much. Now it’s time to build to Bound For Glory so the next month shall be very interesting television-wise.

Did you see the show? Let me know how it was by leaving a comment!

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