[Indy Wrestling News] Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Leaves the NWA

Big news coming out of last night’s NWA Hollywood taping; owner Dave Marquez has pulled the promotion out of the National Wrestling Alliance effective immediately. From now on the company will be known simply as “Championship Wrestling From Hollywood” or CWF Hollywood. This announcement was reported by PWInsider and Mike Johnson posits that the withdrawal comes from issues between Marquez and new NWA Owner Bruce Tharpe who seized legal control of the NWA copyright earlier this year.

After cutting ties with TNA back in 2007, the NWA has struggled to get on its feet and the work Marquez and his outfit in Los Angeles, California has gone a long way to restore credibility to the brand. With the departure of CWF Hollywood, the NWA is losing its most professional looking member as well as the one that people know the best (both in the L.A. area as well as online). It was the flagship show of the entire NWA and to lose that visibility…that’s a death blow. I’ve watched some of the other NWA affiliates and outside of maybe Ring Warriors, none of them are up to claiming the pedestal that CWF Hollywood has vacated.

It’ll be interesting to see which NWA affiliate will attempt to be “top dog” but with CWF Hollywood gone, my interest in the NWA has waned considerably.

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