[TV Quick Review] RESISTANCE Pro TV – Episode 3 (9/2/2012)

Spoiler-Free Match Lineup:

  • John Hennigan Vs. “The Ego” Robert Anthony
  • Harry Smith (c) Vs. “Lonesome” Jay Bradley for the R-Pro Heavyweight Title

RESISTANCE Proopening montage plays. Cool song, nicely shot. Billy Corgan is not f*cking around when it comes to independent wrestling.

Zach Thompson welcomes the home audience. He recaps their July show Fair Warning which featured the two matches we are seeing today (Hennigan/Anthony and Smith/Bradley).

“The Ego” Robert Anthony cuts a promo to his friend Keith about his upcoming match against John Hennigan. He says he doesn’t care about what Hennigan’s done in wrestling because he doesn’t respect him. Anthony says he hates Hennigan for having a bigger bank account and not having to have a day job. Anthony is going to show Hennigan and the R-Pro staff that he’s someone to be respected. He confirms with Keith that that’s all he needed, and thanks him for the coffee.

  • That was a good promo, and a he took a justifiable stance. I wonder if all former WWE guys get this sort of promo cut on them once they hit the indies.

Anthony makes his way to the ring first, followed by his opponent John “Morrison” Hennigan (I hope that nickname sticks, because it’s hilarious in a Corey “The Corey” Matthews kind of way). Dr. Keith Lipinski and C-Red are calling the action.

Match #1: John “Morrison” Hennigan pinned “The Ego” Robert Anthony (28:55)

  • The crowd was hot for this one, and for Anthony especially and while there were some good spots and surprisingly good mat work by both men, they seemed to be trying to have the kind of match that didn’t suit their specific skill sets. Because of that some of the action was a bit choppy and slow, making the overall match less fluid that it could have been. Hennigan also didn’t seem all that engaged by the match itself, but that could just be my perception and not the truth which is very possible. The commentary was also a bit wonky; Lipinski was an okay play by play man but C-Red’s style was distracting and took away from the match at times. All in all a good match, but would have been better if they played to their (and I guess mostly Hennigan’s) strengths a bit better…and maybe cut the match by about ten minutes. (B-)

After the match, Hennigan and Anthony shake hands and hug.

A vignette for R-Pro Women’s Champion Melanie Cruise airs where she hypes up her backstory as well as her dominence in the ring. It transitions into upcoming match with protege turned enemy Nikki St. John. An interesting vignette visually. Definitely different.

A hype video for R-Pro’s next event Just A Gameairs. It takes place September 14th and will feature former WWE star Gene Snitsky. In other news, Gene Snitsky is alive! ALIIIIIIIVE!

We’re back in R-Pro HQ, where Zach Thompson gives background on both Harry Smith and Jay Bradley from their matches to how this match was signed.

“Lonesome” Jay Bradley cuts a pre-match promo backstage. He talks about his time training for the New Japan Dojo in California (heh?) and how Smith stole his spot on the New Japan tour he was training for. Bradley then talks about the both of them being hired by the WWE and how Smith got sent to the main roster while he had to work his ass off in the developmental territories. Bradley then brings up Smith and him once again crossing paths at R-Pro, with Bradley being considered #2 once again and not getting a spot in the Heavyweight Title tournament while Smith went on to win the belt. Bradley says he and Smith have come full circle and they’re in his hometown and he has all the cards in his favor; he is “all Aces”. Rock and roll.

  • Damn good promo work by Bradley and once again, he’s got justifiable reason to be upset. Bringing up his and Smith’s history over the years was a nice touch and gives a lot of weight to their upcoming match. Judging by this one show, R-Pro knows how to sell its matches.

Main Event:Harry Smith [w/ Raven & Lou D’Angeli] (c) pinned “Lonesome” Jay Bradley to retain  the RESISTANCE Pro Heavyweight Championship (18:22)

  • Not a bad match between the two, but again, another match that felt like it went too long. The story behind it, however, was solid and Smith has improved leaps and bounds since leaving the WWE. Bradley is no slouch either, although I couldn’t tell if he was a heel or face to be honest. Decent performance by both men. (C+)

Back at R-Pro HQ, Zach Thompson hypes their next show Just A Gameand the special guest Gene Snitsky. Thompson runs through a list of potential Snitsky opponents, then hypes where you can buy tickets for the event (the venue will also do valet parking, which is pretty snazzy). Thompson signs off as this edition of R-Pro TV comes to a close.

Overall Show Grade: B-

Overall Show Thoughts:

  • This is my first experience with RESISTANCE Pro and although I made a lot of criticisms through out this review, I’m definitely impressed with the company. The visual style is spectacular, with the graphics being especially great (and very old school WWF), and they definitely don’t slouch when it comes to the matches. These were two good contests that suffered from perhaps having too much time to work with, but are still worth checking out. R-Pro has proven to me that it’s a company worth keeping an eye on.

For more information of RESISTANCE Pro, visit their official website.

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