[TV Quick Review] Impact Wrestling – 8/23/12

On this edition of Impact Wrestling: Sting and the TNA locker room finally get physical with the Aces and 8’s, an icon returns to “Hollywood”, a Gut Check challenger fails to impress, and the X-Division is…nowhere to be found. Click “read more” for my quick review of the show.

Quick Match Results:

  1. Tara pinned [TNA Knockouts Champion] Miss Tessmacher in a non-title Open Fight Night challenge (C)
  2. Robbie E defeated AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam in a BFG Series match (B)
  3. Jeff Hardy pinned Robbie T in an Open Fight Night challenge (C)
  4. Gunner pinned Kris Lewie in a TNA Gut Check match (C-)
  5. Mr. Anderson pinned Bully Ray in a BFG Series match/Open Fight Night challenge (C+)


  • Sting and the bulk of the TNA locker room came out to open the show and challenge the Aces and 8’s to another fight. Two members came out and were soundly beaten up by Kurt Angle and James Storm. One of the members thanked them and warned the Aces and 8’s weren’t done.
  • AJ Styles came to the ring to discover the results of his paternity test, and was interrupted by Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Claire’s lawyer Grace Stein came to the ring to read a prepared statement from her client: the pregnancy was a ruse designed by Daniels to blackmail Styles and those incriminating pictures were a result of sedatives being placed in Styles’ drink. Styles tried to attack Daniels and Kazarian after, but they escaped.
  • Sting corners a group of Aces and 8’s members and throws a bat behind them, which is caught by the returning Hulk Hogan who lays them both out and threatens to destroy them if they go near his daughter ever again. Sting welcomes the return of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan.
  • ODB talks with her Knockouts Tag Team Champion partner Eric Young on the phone, who is still out “fishing” (doing his TV show) and begs him to return. She then hit on someone off-camera.
  • Sting and the TNA Locker Room come back out and once again call out the Aces and 8’s. The evil faction obliged and a chaotic brawl breaks out all over the Impact Zone (ringside, in the crowd, backstage, in the parking lot). More and more members of the faction appear out of nowhere and keep the group of wrestlers around the ring at bay. They drag a ringside barrier and a chair in the ring, and break TNA World Champion Austin Aries‘ arm on it. The other TNA wrestlers from out back run in, and chase the Aces and 8’s out, who escape via motorcycles.

Feuds/Storylines Featured on the Show:

  • Sting/TNA Vs. The Aces and 8’s
  • AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (conclusion of the Claire portion of the storyline, now there may be one or two matches to go before this feud is done for good)
  • Miss Tessmacher/Tara (the beginning of a rivalry established in their match)
  • Jeff Hardy/Robbie T (seemingly a conclusion to his wars with T/Robbie E during the BFG Series)
  • The BFG Series

Overall Show Grade: C

  • Favorite Match: Robbie E/Rob Van Dam/AJ Styles
  • Least Favorite Match: Kris Lewie/Gunner
  • Favorite Segment: The return of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan
  • Least Favorite Segment: The ODB/Eric Young nonsense

Overall Show Thoughts:

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling was definitely not up to par with recent weeks. Although we did finally get the chance to see TNA and the Aces and 8’s go at it physically, resulting in a cool if overly chaotic end of show brawl, not much else advanced storyline-wise. The X-Division was missing completely, and so was Chavo Guerrero Jr. who you’d think would’ve been on the show in some form given how much they hyped his coming to the company.

As for the matches themselves, I only found the triple threat match to be entertaining with a great and surprising finish. The others ranged from okay to terrible, with the Kris Lewie/Gunner Gut Check match being the worst offender. I feel for Lewie’s backstory, but as a wrestler he is just simply not ready for the big leagues in any way shape or form. The main event between Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray was hard-hitting but dull compared to previous main events. And although the match itself was too short to really get going, Miss Tessmacher and Tara began what might be a cool student/teacher rivalry. But my question is…where’s Madison Rayne in all of this? Is she done?

The end of show brawl was fun to watch but its end, the “breaking” of Aries’ arm, was too WWE-like and took away a bit of the thunder. It also didn’t help that Aries, despite being the World Champion, didn’t have any real role other than as Sting’s backup and getting dealt the “Dead Man’s Hand”. TNA has been putting on good TV in recent weeks, but with only 2 hours to squeeze everything in, storylines and characters keep getting thrown to the wayside due to lack of time. I think they could use another show, hell maybe even internet-only since they love doing social media stuff, to flesh things out more and give more time to the considerable talent they have under contract.

Although this Impact Wrestling had its high points, altogether it was a very middling show, which is disappointing. I hope they can bounce back next week, and maybe even start building to their PPV in three weeks. I don’t know, we’ll see.

For detailed coverage of last night’s Impact Wrestling, check out my write up over at Pro Wrestling Ponderings. Otherwise, you can follow me on Twitter or “like” my page on Facebook to chastise me.

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