[TNA News] ‘Impact Wrestling’ Preview for 8/23/12

Photo Credit = TNA/Impact Wrestling

TNA has released their official preview for this Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling and because it’s way easier to copy and paste than it is to rewrite it in my own words, here it is in its entirety…after the jump. Aw snap, suspense!

– It’s the return of the monthly Open Fight Night on Thursday’s broadcast, featuring the huge return of “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan as he vows to help Sting and other TNA superstars battle The Aces and 8s!

– As part of Open Fight Night, Sting challenged The Aces & 8s to fight them this Thursday! Can Sting, Hogan, and others finally stop the path of destruction that the gang has unleashed in TNA Wrestling? Will we finally find out their identities? What will happen when Sting and Hogan unite against them on Thursday? Don’t miss the huge confrontation on SpikeTV!

– Also on Thursday’s broadcast, it’s the return of the TNA Gut Check, as one wrestler gets the opportunity of a lifetime to earn a contract with TNA Wrestling! Can they prove they have what it takes to join the roster?

– Plus, the “Bound For Glory Series” continues on IMPACT! The annual competition is reaching a fever pitch as the final countdown is on – who will earn a shot at the World Title at Bound For Glory? Who will call who out? The series continues Thursday on SpikeTV!

Interesting opening segment aside, I’m sad that TNA hasn’t announced more for Thursday; they’ve done a good job lately of announcing actual matches ahead of time and it sucks they’ve snapped their streak. But I’ll definitely be tuning in; I want to see where this Aces and 8’s storyline goes and I’m sure there will be a few good matches worth tuning in for.

I’ll be taking over the Impact Wrestling coverage on Pro Wrestling Ponderings starting this Thursday, so if you want to check out my overly detailed recaps of this show you’ll have to head there. But I will also be providing a way less detailed review of the show the next day on this very site, so it’s up to you on which one you’d rather check out [insert subliminal “go to Pro Wrestling Ponderings” message here].

Are you looking forward to this week’s Impact Wrestling? Let me know in the comments, or you could…

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