[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 8/20/12 (‘Summerslam 2012’ Fallout)

Match Listing (Spoiler-Free):

  • Sin Cara/R-Truth/Kofi Kingston Vs. Cody Rhodes/The Prime Time Players
  • Ryback Vs. 2 Jobbers
  • Randy Orton Vs. Alberto Del Rio
  • Brodus Clay Vs. Damien Sandow
  • The Big Show Vs. David Otunga
  • Kane/Zack Ryder Vs. Daniel Bryan/The Miz
  • #1 Contender Divas Battle Royal
  • Main Event: Chris Jericho Vs. Dolph Ziggler [Contract Vs. Contract]

Also on the Show: Shawn Michaels responds to Triple H‘s loss at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman gloat about their victory, and CM Punk continues to demand respect.

All this and much more on this week’s “Summerslam Fallout” edition of Raw.

Raw is live from Fresno State University and we are wasting no time as Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their way out to the ring. Michael Cole welcomes the home audience. Jerry Lawler brings up that last night may have been Triple H‘s last match (yeah, okay). Cole likens Lesnar breaking Trips’ arm last to “breaking the spirit of the WWE”.

Heyman says the Trips/Lesnar match last night was uncomfortable to watch. He brings up Triple H’s quad injury 11 years ago and calls him a “warrior” for continuing that match. But while the quad injury couldn’t stop him, Lesnar could. Heyman reminds everyone that Lesnar made Trips “tap out” last night. Heyman says Lesnar forced him to quit on the match, his friends, his wife, his company, his fans, etc. That gets a nice negative reaction. Heyman says Lesnar made Trips suffer and stripped him of his dignity and took away his manhood, turning him into a beaten down shell of a former man. Heyman says no one should feel sorry for Triple H since Trips picked the fight against Lesnar and also told the ref last night at Summerslam to let them “fight to the finish”. Heyman calls the ref of last night’s match, Scott Armstrong, down to the ring.

  • Note: This is the biggest push of Scott Armstrong’s career.

Armstrong nervously walks out to the ring. He has a face full of regret and takes his time to the ring as Heyman tries to get him to hurry up. Heyman says Lesnar has two words for Armstrong and hands him the mic. Lesnar backs Armstrong into the corner and grabs his head. Lesnar pats him and says his two words: “good job”. Heyman says not only did Lesnar beat Trips but he threatened the future of the WWE. Heyman anoints Lesnar as the new “King of Kings”, the “Master of the Brocktagon” (HA!), and the new “Conquerer of the WWE”. Heyman says the WWE Universe are now the loyal to their new king: “Broooooooooooock Lesnaaaaaaaaaaaaar.” Lesnar’s music starts playing and he salutes the crowd. They exit the ring and Lesnar waves to his new subjects as they head to the back. Cole and Lawler tell the home audience that Shawn Michaels will bring it via satellite to share his thoughts on last night’s match.

  • Thoughts: An amazing opening promo and Heyman deserves all of the credit. I like where this is going and can’t wait to see who he faces next.

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WWE Did You Know?: Summerslam was the most “socially active” show on TV. Is that like being “sexually active”?

At the announce table, Cole and Lawler discuss the “controversal” ending to last night’s Punk/Cena/Show triple threat match. We see a TOUT from CM Punk, who offers to pick his next opponent tonight. GM AJ Lee is said to be “considering” the option.

Match #1: R-Truth/Kofi Kingston/Sin Cara Vs. Cody Rhodes/The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil)

Kingston and Young start off. Waistlock by Young, Kingston backs him in the corner. Kingston ducks a clothesline attempt and applies a headlock. Young whips him into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Kingston leapfrogs him twice and hits an elbow. Kingston goes for the pin. 2-count. R-Truth tags in and he and Kingston hit a double hip toss. They then deliver a double dropkick to O’Neil. Rhodes tries to interfere, but Cara pulls him out. Cara goes to the top but Rhodes runs away to avoid a splash. Truth and Kingston hit a double baseball slide on The Prime Time Players and we’re headed to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Kingston breaks out of a headlock. Kingston tags in a fresh R-Truth who dances and lays into Young. A scissor kick by Young and a pinfall attempt. 2-count. Young knees R-Truth in the gut and goes to whip him in the ropes, but gets reversed. R-Truth gets an elbow to the face and Rhodes tags in. He hits a legsweep and goes for the pin. 2-count. Rhodes connects with a front-face suplex and tries to get a “Cody!” chant going (I’m doing it in spirit).

O’Neil tags in and continues to lay into R-Truth. He goes for the pin but only gets a 2-count. O’Neil applies a resthold as the crowd tries to awaken R-Truth. R-Truth fights his way out, but runs into a big boot. O’Neil goes for the pin. 2-count. Young tags in and O’Neil front-face suplexes him onto R-Truth. Young goes for the pin but only gets a 1-count. Young pulls R-Truth away from his corner and puts on a rear naked choke. Cara and Kingston get the crowd clapping to motivate R-Truth. R-Truth elbows his way out but Young kicks him and puts him in the corner.

O’Neil tags back in and hits a series of shoulders into R-Truth’s midsection. R-Truth kicks O’Neil and punches Young off the apron, but O’Neil responds with a punch and goes for the pin. 2-count. O’Neil applies a rear chinlock. R-Truth breaks out but O’Neil hits him. O’Neil knocks Kingston off the apron but turns into a dropkick by R-Truth. Rhodes tags in but so does Cara and Cara uses his high flying moves to beat down Rhodes. Cara hits a high-cross body for a 2-count, which Young breaks it up. Kingston and R-Truth take care of The Prime Time Players on the outside. Rhodes tries to rip Cara’s mask off, but Cara turns it into a roll-up for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: Sin Cara/R-Truth/Kofi Kingston (10:13)

  • A fun match to begin Raw. Everyone was on the ball tonight, especially Cara who didn’t botch a single thing. I had a good time. (B)

Cole and Lawler announce a tag team match for tonight: Kane/Zack Ryder Vs. Daniel Bryan/The Miz.

  • Thoughts: Oh man, Ryder is going to get the crap kicked out of him tonight. Poor guy.

Backstage Matt Striker introduces GM AJ Lee. Before Striker can get a question in, David Otunga comes in to announce that he’s returned. Otunga congratulates her on becoming GM while he away filming a movie, and offers his legal services to her. He mistakenly says the word “crazy”, which causes her to snap. Lee says he can offer his services in the ring tonight against an opponent of her choosing (Ryback?). Otunga leaves, and Striker gets back to what he was saying. He asks her what she thinks about Punk wanting to choose his next opponent. Lee says he can choose anyone he wants…pending her approval. She merrily skips off.

  • Thoughts: To be honest, I forgot Otunga even left in the first place. I’m interested to see who Punk picks for his next opponent: I’m thinking he picks a scrub and Lee vetoes it and puts in John Cena instead. Isn’t speculating fun?

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Tonight’s Social Media Ambassador: Khloe Kardashian Odom. Sigh.

Match #2: Ryback Vs. Two Jobbers (Didn’t catch their names quick enough)

Ryback immediately throws the guy in the blue trunks out of the ring. Ryback starts beating down the guy in the red trunks, and delivers a power bomb. He picks him up off the mat and delivers two more power bombs. Blue trunks tries to attack him on the apron and gets suplexed back in. Ryback mumbles “Jinder” (meaning Jinder Mahal). Ryback goes to pick both guys up, when Jinder Mahal comes in and attacks Ryback from behind.

Winner [via DQ]: Ryback (1:27)

  • It’s a Ryback squash. Whatever. (C-)

Mahal continues to beat Ryback down and applies the Camel Clutch. Ryback stands up and turns it into a jawbreaker. Mahal retreats to the aisle. Ryback goes back to the two jobbers and delivers his walking Samoan drop finisher. Ryback and Mahal mouth off at each other. Ryback gets the crowd to chant “Feed me more!”.

Backstage Chris Jericho is texting when Dolph Ziggler walks in. He challenges Jericho to a rematch tonight. Jericho reminds him of his many nicknames and says he knows how to win a big one. He asks Ziggler if he knows how to win a big one. In skips AJ Lee, who grants a rematch with the following stakes: if Jericho loses, his contract is terminated and if Ziggler loses, his MitB contract goes to Jericho. Ziggler chases after her in protest.

  • Thoughts: For those of us “in the know”, we already know where this is headed (barring any curveballs). But for those with no clue, these are the sort of stakes that will make Ziggler look like a badass in their eyes once he wins. I wish he would’ve gotten this sort of match last night at Summerslam but I’ll take it here. Jericho/Ziggler are great in the ring together.

Alberto Del Rio is angrily walking down the backstage area. Ricardo Rodriguez stops him to offer water, and Del Rio knocks it out of his hand. He continues walking to the ring. He’s coming out next!

*Commercial Break*

Ricardo Rodriguez announces Alberto Del Rio to the ring, who angrily stalks down the aisle. He snatches the mic out of Rodriguez’s hands. He says he should be standing there as the new World Heavyweight Champion, but he was robbed last night by both the referee and by the champ Sheamus. Del Rio shows a picture from last night’s Summerslam match, where his foot was clearly on the rope. Del Rio says he isn’t going to take it and do nothing. He demands another shot against Sheamus right *now*.

This brings out AJ Lee who skips out to the entrance stage. She’s quite the busy gal tonight. She says she has no authority over the World Heavyweight Title scene, that’s Booker T‘s job (as GM of Smackdown), but she can put him in a match right now that may convince Booker to give him another shot. Lee introduces his opponent: Randy Orton! Orton makes his way to the ring as the crowd goes somewhat wild. He has a creepy grin on his face. He shows off to the crowd as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Orton and Del Rio are getting ready to fight when World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus heads down to the ring to watch the match/provide guest commentary.

Match #3: Randy Orton Vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)

Orton gets the early advantage with a couple of punches. He dropkicks Del Rio and goes for the quick pin. 2-count. Del Rio gets caught and whips Orton into the ropes. Orton takes him down with a shoulder block, and Del Rio rolls out of the ring. After being knocked off the apron once, he gets in. Orton hits a slingshot suplex for a 2-count. Orton goes old school with a “Garvin Stomp”. Orton follows it up with a knee drop and a pin attempt. 2-count.

Orton continues working on Del Rio in the corner and lays into him with punches. Del Rio drops Orton onto the second turnbuckle out of nowhere, and kicks him in the head for a 2-count. Del Rio applies a rear chinlock. Orton tries to fight his way out but Del Rio headbutts him. Del Rio rushes at Orton, but Orton ducks and rolls him up for a 2-count. Del Rio regains the advantage and hits another kick for a 2-count.

Another chinlock by Del Rio. Orton tries to fight out again but gets an elbow in the midsection followed by a suplex. Del Rio double stomps Orton in the midsection and mocks Orton by punching the mat (his set-up to the RKO). Del Rio heads to the top rope but Orton crotches him. Orton unloads on Del Rio who’s sitting on the top turnbuckle. Orton goes tot he second rope and superplexes Del Rio to the mat. Orton goes for the pin. 2-count.

Orton and Del Rio trade forearms. Del Rio kicks him on the side and rushes in but Orton responds with a couple of clotheslines followed by a powerslam. Del Rio rolls to the apron and Orton grabs him for the DDT but Del Rio gets him to the apron and gets a nice kick to Orton’s head. Del Rio pulls him in for a pin. 2-count. Del Rio continues to hammer Orton. Del Rio misses a clothesline and Orton hits a modified backbreaker. Del Rio regains the advantage with a couple of kicks and goes for the Cross Armbreaker. Orton gets out and hits a reverse neckbreaker for a 2-count.

Orton throws Del Rio in the corner but gets an elbow in the face. Del Rio goes to the top but gets crotched again. Orton hits a hanging DDT, with Del Rio’s legs hanging off the top rope. The crowd goes wild as Orton sets up for the RKO. Rodriguez jumps on the apron to distract Orton. Sheamus gets up and chases Rodriguez away. Orton gets distracted with Sheamus as well and Del Rio hits a lung blower. 1…2…Orton gets his foot on the rope. Sheamus tells the ref this and Del Rio jaws with him in protest. Orton hits the RKO for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Randy Orton (8:33)

  • A pretty good match between the two, marred by the stupid antics of Sheamus. Granted he was out there to continue the feud but he didn’t contribute anything other than negative character traits (tattling, screwing others over, and bragging about theft). He’s seriously a heel in face clothing and it’s making me empathize with Del Rio far more than I want to. They did get a quick Sheamus/Orton confrontation though, which was interesting. Future match? (B)

WWE.com Exclusive: CM Punk is interviewed after winning his Summerslam match. He says his win wasn’t controversial, the controversy is the fact that someone who has been champ for 10 months had to beat someone twice to retain the belt. He shows off the WWE Championship and tells people to respect it.

Raw Hype: Shawn Michaels live via satellite.

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WWE Did You Know?: WWE gives free tickets to all U.S. military personnel. Love that gesture, hate that bragging.

Summerslam Recap Video: Antonio Cesaro beats Santino Marella for the U.S. Title during the pre-show. It’s the same recap vid that was shown during Summerslam so if you watched the PPV, you aren’t missing anything.

Superstar TOUT: Cesaro and Aksana tout his victory immediately after his match.

  • Thoughts: I like that idea. I hope more of that happens.

A video package of WWE hanging out in L.A. during Summerslam weekend. Again if you watched the PPV, you’ve already seen this.

Now it’s time for the Brodus Clay dance entrance. Here’s hoping Damien Sandow breaks it up again. Nope, doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Clay finishes it up, then we see clips of Sandow’s attack on Clay from two weeks ago. His match with Sandow is next, after this commercial break!

  • Random Note: I read that this was supposed to take place last night at Summerslam but was cut due to time constraints.

*Commercial Break*

Raw Hype: Chris Jericho/Dolph Ziggler (Contract Vs. Contract)

Damien Sandow makes his way out to the ring next. We get a picture in picture interview with Sandow, who says he’ll send the “Funkasaurus” back to extinction. Awesome.

Match #4: Brodus Clay Vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow goes for the legs, but Clay gets a forearm to the back. Clay beats on Sandow in the corner. Sandow ducks another punch, and backs him into the corner to work on his “injured” knee. Clay fights back and hits a clothesline. Clay whips Sandow into the ropes and hits a back bodydrop. Clay clubs Sandow in the back of the head and sends him head-first into the turnbuckle three times. Clay hits a belly to belly suplex (an ugly-looking one) followed by a running elbowdrop.

Sandow kicks him in the injured knee and hits him with forearms but Clay roars and hits him back. Clay whips him into the corner and delivers a splash followed by another. Clay hits the ropes and delivers a running headbutt to the chest of Sandow as he exits the corner. Sandow gets whipped into the corner again, but moves out of the way of another splash and rolls Clay up for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Damien Sandow (2:39)

  • YES! Sandow picks up a good victory in a bit of an underhanded way. Not a bad match between the two as well for what little time they got. Still, it was too short to give it that high of a grade. (C)

Sandow does a celebratory cartwheel and bows. He turns around and Clay delivers a T-bone suplex. He hits the ropes and delivers his splash. What a sore loser. Clay’s music plays and he dances in the ring with his Funkadactyls.

  • Thoughts: Wow way to take away all of the impact of Sandow’s win.

We see Shawn Michaels getting mic’ed. He’s going on live next!

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Just For Men Flashback Thing: Brock Lesnar breaks Shawn Michaels’s arm on last week’s Raw.

Shawn Michaels Brings It Via Satellite

Cole interviews Michaels, who’s on the Titan Tron. He asks HBK how he’s feeling. HBK says he knows what’s going through Triple H‘s head right now. HBK says you can’t prepare yourself for being humbled or facing your own professional mortality. This is beyond rehearsed. HBK says what we saw last night could be the end of a career. HBK says Triple H is a man of honor and integrity (HA!), something Brock Lesnar knows nothing about. We see pictures of the Trips/Lesnar Summerslam match as he continues verbally fellating his best friend.

HBK doesn’t know if being in his corner would’ve made any difference. HBK didn’t tell Triple H the truth last week; the truth being that he didn’t think Triple H could beat Lesnar. HBK says it isn’t easy to look your friend in the eye and tell him that, to tell him that time has run its course. HBK tells Triple H he has nothing to be ashamed of, and calls him one of the “greatest superstars to ever live”. HBK says everyone loves him and on behalf of the entire WWE Universe, he thanks Triple H for a job well done.

  • Thoughts: Holy rehearsed monologue, Batman! They’re still attempting to make Triple H a bigger deal than he truly is and while I respect that, it’s not really going to work. Triple H has been an important part of the show for a long time, but he’s not HBK. He’s not Austin. I’m not buying what they’re selling, no matter how hard they try to use our reverence for HBK to make us think otherwise.

*Commercial Break*

Raw Hype: CM Punk will announce his hand-picked #1 Contender later tonight.

David Otunga makes his way to the ring for his match against a mystery opponent, which is revealed to be…The Big Show! Heh? Show takes his entrance gear off as he walks to the ring.

Match #5: The Big Show Vs. David Otunga

Show immediately unloads on Otunga with forearms, punches, and chops. Show bodyslams Otunga to the mat then lays some punches right into Otunga’s midsection. Show steps on Otunga’s back and delivers a standing headbutt. Otunga tries to fight back but gets a forearm for his troubles. Show chokes Otunga on the middle rope. Show backs him in the corner and delivers another loud chop. Otunga tries a side kick but Show fights back with a series of knee strikes.

Show continues the assault, then signals for the WMD. He connects with the punch and Otunga goes down like a sack of potatoes for the 1…2…3.

Winner [via Pinfall]: The Big Show (2:07)

  • Good monster squash for Show. Makes sense character-wise to be as angry as he is, and I’m hoping he continues destroying people. He makes a better “angry giant” than he does “goofy comedy character”. (C)

WWE.com Exclusive: WWE.com catches up with The Big Show after his loss at Summerslam. Show says it wasn’t triple threat, it was a 2 on 1 handicap match. He says he got double-everything, and says it was unfair. He says CM Punk and John Cena haven’t worked nearly as hard as he has and wonders when he’ll get a one on one match of his own.

  • Thoughts: He makes a good point. What about him, what about Ra…erm Big Show?!?

Kane/Ryder Vs. Bryan/Miz is up next!

*Commercial Break*

Kane makes his way out to the ring as Cole/Lawler bring up his history with his tag team partner tonight. We see a clip of his post-match tirade at Summerslam. Zack Ryder makes his way out next, and looks nervous to be teaming with Kane as Cole once again reminds us how many times Kane has brutalized him over the past few months. They stand on opposite sides of the ring.

Daniel Bryan makes his way out next, and stops to rip up a “Yes! Yes! Yes!” sign. Finally out comes IC Champ The Miz, and I (not so) secretly mark out. Bryan gets into a shouting match with a fan at ringside and Miz breaks him away from it and tells him to get his head in the game.

Match #6: Kane/Zack Ryder Vs. Daniel Bryan/[WWE Intercontinental Champion] The Miz

Bryan and Kane start off, but Bryan quickly tags Miz in. Kane throws Miz into the ring and stomps him down in a corner. He throws Miz to another corner and hits an uppercut. Ryder tags in and gets whipped into the corner. Ryder gets his knees up during an attempted splash and hits a dropkick from the second rope. They fight into another corner, but Miz kicks him to end the momentum. Miz hits a running kick and goes for a pinfall. 2-count.

Bryan tags in and kicks Ryder in the ribs as Miz holds him. Bryan follows it up with an uppercut. Bryan hits some “No!” knees to the back and mockingly lifts Ryder’s arm to “tag” Kane. Bryan hits a whole series of “No!” kicks and follows with a kneedrop for a 2-count. Bryan taunts Kane then hits another uppercut. Miz tags in and kicks the fallen Ryder in the head. He follows it up with a sort of camel clutch, but Ryder quickly stands and fights out. Miz gets the advantage again with a backbreaker for a 2-count.

Miz drags Ryder to his corner and tags Bryan back in. Bryan hits a series of “No!” kicks in the corner, walks over to mock Kane, but misses a running forearm, hitting his partner instead. Bryan tries to keep Ryder away, but gets kicked off and here comes Kane. Bryan tries to tag Miz, who jumps off the apron and abandons him. Bryan hits Kane, then makes his escape through the crowd.

Kane picks up Ryder and chokeslams him, then starts throwing all sorts of things ringside. He grabs the timekeeper and throws him into the ringside barrier. Kane rolls back in and delivers a Tombstone to Ryder.

Winner: No one I guess? (6:00, including the beatdown of Ryder)

  • Built up the Kane/Bryan story but didn’t offer much else. (C-)

WWE.com Exclusive: Post-Summerslam match interview with John Cena. Cena won’t call Punk “the best in the world”, and brushes the interviewer off.

Backstage, Matt Striker introduces the WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk thanks AJ Lee for respecting him enough to choose his next opponent (he’ll regret that). Punk chooses John Cena as his next opponent…if Cena shows him respect in the ring later tonight.

#1 Contenders Diva Battle Royal next! Smoke break!

*Commercial Break*

A bunch of divas are already in the ring for the #1 contenders battle royal. Divas Champ Layla is at ringside.

Match #7: #1 Contenders Divas Battle Royal

Rosa and Aksana fight and roll out of the ring. I guess they’re both eliminated. Kaitlyn and Eve go at it. Natalya pulls Kaitlyn off. Natalya and Tamina try to eliminate Kaitlyn but she fights them both off. Tamina pull her back in (heh?). Tamina and Natalya deliver a double suplex. Lawler can’t concentrate on the match because he’s a sexist pig and women’s wrestling is stupid to him. Alicia Fox gets lifted into a double suplex but kicks Natalya and Tamina. She tries to eliminate both, but fails. Tamina eliminates Natalya and Alicia. Kaitlyn eliminates Tamina. Eve Torres tries to eliminate her but she gets clotheslined out of the ring. Kaitlyn wins!

Winner: Kaitlyn (4:12)

  • An alright battle royal, but Lawler not paying attention and acting like an idiot ruined any momentum. Tamina and Natalya did have some good team-up moves though. Overall a mess but I can find some good in it. (C)

Summerslam Recap: Brock Lesnar making Triple H tap out.

Raw Recap: Paul Heyman gloating about Lesnar’s win at the beginning of the show. He anoints him the new King of Kings, yadda yadda you already read about this like a thousand words ago.

Superstar TOUT: Brock Lesnar quits the WWE forever because he has done everything he wanted to do. He delivers his lines in a very stilted and awkward manner.

  • Thoughts: That wasn’t Brock Lesnar; that was Lesnarbot-5000.

Cole and Lawler are confused about why Lesnar left considering he just declared himself the “King of Kings”.

Raw Hype: Chris Jericho/Dolph Ziggler in a Contract Vs. Contract match, coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

A new Wade Barrett re-debut vignette airs. His fists are his weapons of choice and such, he’s relentless and remorseless. “Fight or you perish”. His barrage cannot be stopped.

Superstar Tweet: AJ Lee will send Daniel Bryan to “Anger Management counseling” starting next week.

  • Thought: This has the potential to be insanely entertaining.

Cole and Lawler pimp the new WWE App, which isn’t that great (at least on the Android).

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero shrieks at Dolph Ziggler that he has to win this match tonight. Ziggler says that tonight is the biggest match of his entire career. Guerrero repeatedly says “we have to win”, and Ziggler shakes her to calm her down. Ziggler says “we will win”, which is true. I mean, erm, maybe he won’t? KAYFABE.

Raw Hype: Jericho/Ziggler, which is still next.

*Commercial Break*

WWE Did You Know?: WWE Superstars have wrestled everywhere around the world in 2012. They must have a lot of frequent flyer miles.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to introduce Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler makes his way to the ring with a determined look on his face. I’m getting excited (for the match, perverts).

Main Event: Chris Jericho Vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) [Contract Vs. Contract]

They lock up and Jericho gets a side headlock. Ziggler whips him into the ropes and gets a shoulder block. Ziggler leapfrogs a running Jericho, but Jericho rolls him up for a 2. Jericho rolls him up again for another 2, and Ziggler rolls to the outside to recuperate/have Vickie yell at him. Ziggler runs back in and gets rolled up by Jericho for a 2. Jericho chops Ziggler down and they fight in the corner. The ref separates them, allowing Ziggler to gain the advantage. Ziggler gets an elbowdrop and goes for a pin. 2-count.

Ziggler continues the assault in the corner and whips him across the ring. Ziggler goes for a splash but gets a boot to the face. Jericho hits a Missile Dropkick from the second rope for another 2-count. Ziggler reverses an Irish whip but Jericho goads him to run at him. Jericho backdrops him to the outside, then dropkicks him off of the apron when Ziggler tries to come back in. Jericho showboats for the crowd as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Back from break and Ziggler has Jericho in a front headlock. Jericho gets to his feet, but falls back to the mat. Ziggler balances on his head/arms and slams down to increase pressure. Jericho gets to his knees so Ziggler elbows him repeatedly in the face and hits an elbowdrop for a 2-count. Ziggler reapplies the front facelock to send Jericho back to his knees. Jericho suplexes his way out of it. Jericho picks himself up in the corner and gets the boot up when Ziggler attempts a splash.

Jericho hits the ropes and delivers two shoulder blocks. Ziggler tries to send him to the floor, but Jericho hops the rope, goes to the top and hits an axehandle. Ziggler rushes at Jericho in the corner, and Jericho sits up on the top turnbuckle before delivering a couple of chops. Jericho goes to the second rope, punches him ten times, then hits a top rope body scissor for a 2-count. Ziggler hits a DDT out of nowhere for a 2-count.

Ziggler attempts the Fameasser but Jericho catches him and attempts the Walls of Jericho but Ziggler throws him with his legs. Ziggler continues the attack but Jericho fights back and hits a bulldog. Jericho attempts the Lionsault but Ziggler gets his knees up. Ziggler then hits the Zig Zag for the 1…2…3! YES!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Dolph Ziggler (10:27)

  • Not nearly as good as their Summerslam match last night, despite reusing some of the same spots, but it was still very entertaining and told a good story. Glad Ziggler got the clean pinfall too; he needed it and frankly he deserved it. (B)

Ziggler celebrates as Jericho looks on in disappointment. As Ziggler celebrates on the second turnbuckle, Jericho rips the Money in the Bank briefcase out of Vickie’s hands. Jericho hits Ziggler in the gut with the briefcase, then over the back sending him to the mat. That elicits some boos. Ziggler gets up and Jericho hits the Codebreaker. Jericho leaves the ring and shakes the hands of the fans in the aisle as the ref and Vickie check on Ziggler. Jericho gives one last look to the crowd on the entrance ramp.

Trailer for the new WWE Studios movie The Day plays. If it looks good, it’s because they didn’t actually make it. (Made that joke during my Summerslam coverage but f*ck it I still think it’s funny).

WWE Champion CM Punk heads to the ring to confront John Cena next!

*Commercial Break*

CM Punk Demands Respect

“Cult of Personality” plays as WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Cole says Punk’s reign as champ is now the 13th longest in history. Punk grabs a mic and walks over to the announce table. Punk says he was going to talk about his win last night and about his next challenger but he remembered when Jerry Lawler said he turned his back on the WWE Universe. He demands an apology from Lawler. Lawler defends his words. Punk asks Lawler to show some respect and apologize.

Before Lawler can apologize, “My Time is Now” plays to bring out John Cena. Cena runs to the ring and soaks in the sort of adulation of the crowd. Punk walks away from Lawler and back into the ring, standing in the corner with a “what the hell, man?!?” look on his face. Cena has a mic. Punk accuses Cena of coming out to steal his spotlight once again. Punk throws the belt down and says he’s been taking a backseat to Cena, Triple H, and The Rock, and he’s been taking a backseat out of respect.

Punk says respect is a two-way street, and it has never been reciprocated. Punk says he’s been champ for 9 months and fans have been asking why he hasn’t been in the main event. Punk says he tells them that he lets Cena go on last out of respect. Punk then says taking a backseat doesn’t make any sense anymore, since he beat Cena twice last year as well as last night. Punk said he had to hold the WWE up last year to get respect. Punk says Cena is the number one contender because he has to beat him again.  Punk says that all the times he’s beaten Cena apparently hasn’t mattered, because the crowd is still decked out in Cena gear and backing him. Punk then tells Cena his “one condition” for getting a WWE Championship match: admit that Punk is the “best in the world”.

Cena says Punk has been champion for 9 months, meaning Cena hasn’t been champion for 9 months. Cena says his fans follow him because he respects them and they respect him. Cena provides an example: he name-drops the city they’re in and the crowd cheers. He then namedrops Fresno State University. He says that they will stick behind the FSU Bulldogs because the team represents who their fans are, and Cena represents who his fans are (his fans are lame?).

Cena refuses to call Punk the best in the world because in order to triumph, he has to believe that he himself is the best in the world. Cena brings up his Wrestlemania match against The Rock and how there wasn’t a moment that he didn’t think he could win and he would think the same in a potential rematch. Cena brings up the fact he was champion for 380 days and how he never demanded respect once during that title reign. Cena says Punk has been champion in 274 days and all they remember is the time Punk blew a kiss to Vince McMahon and left town.

Cena says he won’t destroy his integrity and stroke his ego; he’s here to offer Punk vindication. He says Punk can choose anyone he wants to be #1 contender and if it isn’t him, he’ll get over it and be confident in his abilities that he will eventually get a shot. But Night of Champions is being held in Cena’s hometown and if Punk can beat him there, that’ll be the moment that’ll define his existence. Cena then says “the choice is yours”. Cena then says if Punk doesn’t choose him, he has no respect for the main event and no respect for himself, then walks off to the back.

Punk squats in the center of the ring to think about it. Punk then turns back to Lawler and demands an apology once more. He invites Lawler into the ring. Lawler gets in and they get face to face. Punk says Lawler went a little bit too far in his comments and once again, he demands an apology. Lawler says that it was a misunderstanding but half-heartedly apologizes. He goes to leave but Punk stops him. Punk says that if Cena doesn’t want to call him the “Best in the World”, then Lawler can since he’s the minister of propoganda in the WWE.

Lawler says he’s spent a lot of years at the announce table and has built a rapport with the WWE Universe. Punk says “good” and once again asks him to say he’s the “Best in the World”. Lawler says “I can’t say that.” Lawler then asks to go do his job and goes to leave, but Punk kicks him in the back of the head knocking him to the mat. Punk slings his WWE Championship over his shoulder and crouches in front of the fallen Lawler, staring at him. He then looks up at the crowd in attendance as we fade to black.

  • Thoughts: Well I think that the CM Punk heel turn is now fully official, although I think beating up Lawler should earn a wrestler the love and admiration of fans worldwide. Overall this was a very strong ending segment, with great mic work by both Cena and Punk and a very good way to end the show (although many will probably be mad that he didn’t actually pick a contender). But I hope Punk picks someone other than Cena for the #1 Contendership just to mess with everyone and to not let Cena main-event the PPV in his hometown.

Overall Show Grade: B

  • Favorite Match: Chris Jericho/Dolph Ziggler
  • Least Favorite Match: Kane/Zack Ryder Vs. Daniel Bryan/The Miz
  • Favorite Segment(s): Heyman’s opening promo, the Punk/Cena confrontation
  • Least Favorite Segment: The sad attempt by Shawn Michaels to make people believe Triple H is a god among men.

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