[TNA News] 3 BFG Series Matches Added for This Thursday’s ‘Impact Wrestling’; Updated BFG Series Standings

TNA announced three BFG Series matches for this Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling. They are as follows:

  • Jeff Hardy Vs. Bully Ray
  • AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels
  • Samoa Joe Vs. Magnus

Hardy/Ray and Styles/Daniels are advertised as being the “Double Main Event” for the show, which makes perfect sense given the star power involved. Plus with Styles and Daniels finally clashing, maybe we’ll finally get some movement to the whole Claire storyline that has stagnated over recent weeks. Granted it’s not a great storyline but the more it progresses, the closer we get to a conclusion and an end so that’s worth rooting for. Either way all three of these matches have equal chances to steal the show in their own ways and should make for a hell of an Impact Wrestling in-ring-wise.

And while we’re on the subject of the BFG Series, here are the updated standings post-Hardcore Justice courtesy of WrestlingInc who are just one of many sites that are keeping a far better track of this than I have been.

  1. James Storm – 66 points
  2. Rob Van Dam – 55 points
  3. Samoa Joe – 54 points
  4. Kurt Angle – 48 points
  5. Bully Ray – 48 points
  6. Mr. Anderson – 40 points
  7. AJ Styles – 36 points
  8. Jeff Hardy – 35 points
  9. Daniels – 33 points
  10. Magnus – 21 points
  11. The Pope – 7 points
  12. Robbie E. – 5 points

As you can see, Hardcore Justice shook the BFG Series standings up considerably. RVD is now in the 2nd place spot and Bully Ray is tied with Angle for the 4th place position. There are three weeks to go until the semi-finals take place at September’s PPV No Surrender so Impact Wrestling should be an interesting show to watch as the build continues.

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