[WWE News] A.W. Released, (Justifiably) Goes Off on Twitter

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Nearly two weeks after A.W. made a reference to a 2003 Kobe Bryant sexual assault case on an edition of Raw, the company has officially released the superstar. The company had previously publicly apologized for the statement, but outside of that it appeared no disciplinary action would be taken and A.W. continued to accompany his team The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil) to the ring on subsequent editions of Raw and Smackdown. But it appears his appearance on tonight’s Smackdown will be officially his last for the company.

News of this release has shocked some and delighted others (who thought the comment was too over the line for a PG-rated show and wanted him fired immediately), but no one would was more annoyed than A.W. himself who took to Twitter before the official WWE announcement to vent his frustrations. Here’s some of what he had to say.

Coming out of this news, two things are apparent: 1) A.W. has unquestionably just burned his bridge with the WWE and will likely never be rehired, and 2) he has a right to be upset. This is just another example of the double standards the WWE has concerning their talent; someone Randy Orton can fail drug test after drug test and only receive a suspension while someone lower on the pecking order makes a one-off joke (and one that’s admittedly out of date, no less) and he gets released. The best part? No one was really that outraged! WWE released a statement apologizing but they weren’t catching a lot of flack; it was a pre-emptive move that wasn’t even all that necessary. Suspending A.W. for a few weeks while all this supposed “heat” blew over should have been their course of action, and I’m talking a worst case “the media is b*tching us out” course of action.

So that leaves A.W. out of a job and The Prime Time Players, who are in the midst of a push, without a mouthpiece. Great. All of this just seems so boneheaded and misguided but it is what it is I guess. I just vehemently disagree with it and I’m glad that A.W. spoke out about it because this is an injustice and an example of favortism and going to dumb lengths to save face in order to maintain a young fanbase and get Linda McMahon elected into office. Stupid, absolutely stupid.

With the A.W. Promotions Twitter on its way to deactivation, A.W. is moving to another Twitter handle under his real name and is looking to pursue stand-up comedy. Regardless of what happens with his stand-up career, I’m sure he’ll have some very interesting stuff to tell about the WWE, since it seems like he has no desire to go back.

What do you think about the A.W. release? Was it too harsh, or was it absolutely necessary?

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