[WWE News] New Saturday Morning Show Announced; Starts Airing Later This Month

WWE announced today that they are partnering with Saban Brands for a new Saturday morning television show that will air on The CW. Titled WWE Saturday Morning Slam (naturally), each half-hour episode will feature one original match plus superstar profiles and behind the scenes footage, and will also highlight their “Be A Star” anti-bullying initiative. WWE Saturday Morning Slam will be part of “Vortexx”, Saban’s branded Saturday morning television block on The CW. Other shows will include new Power Rangers and Yu-Gi Oh! iterations plus more soon to be announced content. Vortexx will air in 114 million homes across the U.S. through The CW and will also feature online offerings as well as mobile content. In other words, that’s a whole lot of young eyes feasting on WWE’s product. And you know what young fans mean, don’t you? Cha-ching, cha-ching!

Although the show itself personally doesn’t interest me, I applaud the WWE for returning to Saturday morning television. I first got hooked back in the early 90’s thanks to shows like Superstars airing during these timeslots and it’s a valuable market for the WWE to pursue. I just wonder who will end up being the designated Saturday Morning Slam “main eventer”; my money is on Sin Cara for obvious reasons.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam will start airing at 10AM(9AM Central) on The CW starting August 25th. I may or may not watch the first episode. Don’t judge me. I love you too much.

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