[Indy Wrestling News] Crossfire Wrestling Announces National TV Deal

Crossfire Wrestling, an independent promotion based out of Nashville, TN, announced last night at a live show at the fomer TNA Asylum that they have signed a National TV deal [PWInsider]. Their first TV taping will be held on November 3rd and will be shot in both HD and 3D. No word on exactly what the “national” deal is but according to the PWInsider article, it could either be on a Paramount-owned network like EPIX or a brand-new network. Paramount itself is a subsidiary of Viacom, so there are also a whole host of channels the company could end up on but considering WWE also airs on Viacom-owned networks I doubt it will get the same push should it come to that. The idea of a new network is not new to Paramount, who tried to launch a network back in the 1970’s but were unsuccessful and produced TV shows for other networks up until 2006. Paramount returned to TV with the premium channel Epix in 2009.

Crossfire Wrestling has been running shows successfully for the past year at TNA’s old stomping grounds in Nashville, mixing older and established talent with fresh young stars. The show this past Saturday included luminaries of the professional wrestling business like Bret HartGoldust, and Jerry Lynn, as well as indy stars like Jon Davis.

I am in no way familiar with Crossfire Wrestling, but the prospect for more non-WWE wrestling on my television is always a good thing (unless it’s on a channel that I don’t have access to, like ROH’s current TV run or their previous deal with HDNet). And considering they’ve been selling out many of their shows, they must be doing something right. It’ll be interesting to see how the national TV deal affects their roster and upcoming shows; some of the talent involved like Kid Kash already work for other televised companies and Goldust can only use that gimmick when he’s wrestling for a non-TV or iPPV entity. We’ll see how all of this shakes out in November, and hopefully get an announcement as to which TV station Crossfire Wrestling will now be calling home.

For more information on Crossfire Wrestling, visit their official site.

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