[ROH News] Tag Team Title Tournament Starts Today at Baltimore TV Tapings

Today Ring of Honor goes back to Baltimore, MD for a new batch of TV tapings. Among other matches and angles, the TV tapings will be the official kick-off point for the ROH Tag Team Title tournament which was announced last month after the departure of Kenny King. 8 teams, announced over the past few weeks, will be competing and the tapings will encompass just the first-round; the semi-finals and finals will occur September 15th at the Death Before Dishonor X event. In case you weren’t paying attention or just didn’t feel like keeping up (the latter I’m guilty of), here are the 8 teams that will be competing for the gold:

  1. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe) [Official Announcement]
  2. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson) [Official Announcement]
  3. BLK OUT (Ruckus/Jeez) [Official Announcement]
  4. The Bravados (Harlem Bravado/Lancelot Bravado) [Official Announcement]
  5. The Guardians of Truth (???/???) w/ Truth Martini [Official Announcement]
  6. Caprice Coleman/Cedric Alexander [Official Announcement]
  7. Rhett Titus/Mystery Partner [Official Announcement]
  8. Charlie Haas/Mystery Partner [Official Announcement]

Even though I love them, I really hope The Briscoes don’t end up winning the tournament. They’re legendary in the company already and don’t need the belts; it’s time for fresh blood. That being said…there’s not a lot of fresh blood in the tournament that seem particularly compelling. The Young Bucks are the ones who deserve it out of any of the “newer” teams, but considering both Titus and Haas are jumping into the fray with new partners (for reasons outlined in their respective official announcements), I wouldn’t be shocked if either one of them won. Titus especially deserves to get the belt back, although I thought he was moving towards a single run. Guess I was wrong. But I don’t know, this is very up in the air and I can’t make a real decision here. I’ll just sit back and watch it all unfold instead.

Who do you think will win the ROH Tag Team Title tournament?

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