[TV Recap] Impact Wrestling – 8/2/2012

Matches signed for 8/2:

  • Main Event: James Storm Vs. Kurt Angle in a BFG Series Match
  • [World Champion] Austin Aries/Kenny King Vs. Bobby Roode/[X-Division Champion] Zema Ion
  • #1 Contender 4-Way: Mickie James Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Tara Vs. Madison Rayne [winner gets a shot at the TNA Knockouts Title]
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. Vs. ??? (Chavo’s TNA in-ring debut)

Also on the docket: Storm continues to deal with the accusation that he’s the leader of the mysterious Aces and 8’s faction (is he innocent or is he just leading everyone on?), Brooke Hogan makes her return to Impact Wrestling to address the attack on her father Hulk Hogan (yay?), and a whole lot more! Read on to find out what happened (or is happenING I guess, if you’re reading the live recap version)!

We open up on a brawl between Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Kenny King, and Zema Ion. We’re not wasting time.

The brawl spills out into the arena. Aries and Roode battle on the stage, while King and Ion fight at ringside. Earl Hebner comes out to try to get them into the ring. Aries/Roode make it to ringside and Roode clotheslines King to give him and Ion the upper hand. Ion goes to work on Aries, while Roode continues beating down King. Aries gets into the ring, goes to the top rope and hits a double axehandle on Roode.

Match #1: Austin Aries/Kenny King Vs. Bobby Roode/Zema Ion

The match finally begins, and Aries and Roode get into the ring. Roode quickly tags out to Ion. They trade blows and Ion hits a neckbreaker. He goes for the pin but only gets a 1-count. Aries gets out of a headlock with a back suplex. King tags in and give Ion a double Airplane Spin followed by a double chop. King goes for the pin but only gets a 2. King bodyslams Ion and launches off the ropes with a legdrop. 1…2…kick out. Aries tags back in and hits an elbow onto Ion who was laying on King’s knees. He goes for the pin and gets a 2-count.

Aries knocks Ion down and hits an elbow for a 2-count. King tags in and he works on Ion in the corner, hitting a loud chop across his chest. Ion tries to fight out of the corner, but King hits a couple of shoulderblocks to stop him. King whips Ion hard into the turnbuckles and goes for a pin. 1…2…kick out. King tags Aries, who hits a splash over the top rope. 1…2…kickout. King tags back in and hits a snap suplex into a ground and pound. King goes for the pin, but only gets a 2-count. Ion flips out of a suplex but gets an Atomic Drop. Roode trips King, pulls him outside, and rams him back-first into the apron. Ion takes to the air and hits a flip dive onto King.

Roode works over King on the outside and rolls King in. Ion goes for the pin but only gets a 2. Roode tags in and continues the assault, throwing him head-first into the turnbuckle. Roode spits at Aries, who runs in to attack him but gets held back by Hebner. Roode forcefully whips King into the corner and he comes bouncing off of the turnbuckles. Roode hits a suplex and follows it up with a knee drop. 1…2…kick out. Roode knocks Aries off of the apron. Aries distracts the ref, which allows Ion to come in and attack without a tag. Ion slaps on a reverse chin lock, driving the knee into King’s back. Aries and Roode argue on the apron, and Hebner tries to keep them separated. Ion throws King into the corner.

*Commercial Break*

King fights Ion off of the second rope as we come back from commercial. Roode pushes King off the second turnbuckle and onto the floor. Aries starts chasing Roode around the ring before Hebner forces Aries to go back to his corner. This allows Roode to come in and continue the attack without having to tag. Roode stomps a mudhole in King and goes to yell at Aries. Aries teases coming in but keeps his cool. Ion tags in to continue putting the hurt on King. Ion puts him in a front facelock and King tries to push towards his corner. King pushes him off but Ion returns with a kick. King hits a high cradle suplex out of nowhere to buy him time. King gets the pin to Aries but Roode distracts Hebner to keep it from being legal. Roode drags King to his corner and he and Ion beat on him in the corner.

Ion tags in again and King starts fighting his way out of the heel corner, hitting both Ion and Roode. King hits an Atomic Drop followed by an enziguri. King goes for the pin. 1…2…Roode comes in to make the save. Aries hits a Missile Dropkick on Roode sending him to the outside. Aries delivers a suicide dive onto Roode to the outside. King connects with an F-5 faceslam for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: Austin Aries/Kenny King (15:05)

  • That was a hell of a way to start the show. A great pre-match brawl followed by a great match with great spots from all four men (although to be fair, mostly from the X-Division guys). Aries/King showed some tremendous tag team chemistry, hitting some cool double team moves I’ve never seen before (the double Airplane Spin especially). All in all a great match that helped build both feuds, from King/Ion fighting in the ring (and King pinning him to win the match) to the constant jawing back and forth between Aries/Roode on the apron. My only complaint is that it’s still not the best build-up the Roode/Aries rematch; their impending Hardcore Justice match doesn’t feel as big as it should be. (B)

Aries and King celebrate in the ring, and Roode yells out “you didn’t beat me!”. Mike Tenay they can finally get things back to normal and transitions us to the recap.

A recap video from last week’s Impact Wrestling, hyping up the potential James Storm/Aces and 8 alliance.

Backstage, Sting is heading to the ring to figure out who’s behind the Aces and 8’s. He doesn’t want to name names until he’s sure. We are going to find out what’s up next!

*Commercial Break*

Out comes Sting to address the Aces and 8’s situation. He heads into the ring and invites James Storm to the ring. Storm obliges Sting’s request and comes out to the ring. Sting says he didn’t believe Roode’s accusation from last week, but says he has some “compelling” footage from last week’s show, first of the Styles/Storm match when the Aces and 8’s attacked only Styles and then from the end of the night when Storm ran to the ring to help Angle and Aces and 8’s instantly ran. Sting asks him to tell him to his face that he has nothing to do with Aces and 8’s.

Storm says he can see why Sting would think he could be behind it given the footage, but Storm says they ran because they were cowards afraid of getting their asses kicked. Storm says that during the many times he’s fought Sting, he’s never needed someone to help fight his battles. Storm brings up the fact that 9 months ago, Kurt Angle jumped him from behind and instead of crying about it, Storm “asked for seconds”. Storm says he’s beaten Angle three times, once for the World Heavyweight Championship, and he didn’t need help to do it.

Naturally Kurt Angle comes out next and gets into the ring. Angle apologizes for coming out but he heard his name (makes sense). Angle says he’s seen Storm win the title, lose the title, quit, then come back. He says that Storm challenged him two weeks ago but then he got attacked by the Aces and 8’s and he asks Storm who benefits from that. Angle recaps the fact that the Aces and 8’s never touch Storm during their beatdown on A.J. Styles and run away when Storm comes back out later. Angle begs the Aces and 8’s to come to his match tonight because there’s going to be an “ass kicking party”. Sting says he likes the word “party” and he’ll be ringside for the Storm/Angle match. Angle gets in Storm’s face and says he’s going to make him tap out before dropping the mic. Storm says “we’ll see about that”. Storm watches Angle head to the back.

  • A bit of a monotonous exchange between the three (showing a recap video, then Angle recapping the recap video) but I can’t deny that the whole Aces and 8’s storyline has got my attention. And with Sting saying he’ll be at ringside for the main event, we’re guaranteed a hell of an ending (if that’s a good thing or bad thing though…that we’ll have to wait for).

Tenay shows pictures A.J. Styles put up on his Twitter during his Australian tour. He is not here tonight, but that doesn’t spare us from getting another recap video of his supposed “affair” with Claire.

Backstage, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are talking about Styles fleeing for Australia. Daniels says it’s up to them to do the right thing and throw Claire a baby shower. They toast to the impending party.

  • Um…no thanks. I did like the fact that Daniels was sipping on an Appletini though. He knows how to drink like a man.

*Commercial Break*

We are the announcer’s table with Mike Tenay and Taz. They hype the three matches for Hardcore Justice Dixie Carter announced earlier today on Twitter. Stipulations have been added. Styles/Angle/Joe/Daniels will be a Ladder match, Anderson/RVD/Pope/Magnus will fight in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Hardy/Storm/Ray/Robbie E will be a Tables match. We see the updated leaderboard.

Bully Ray comes out to the ring while tweeting on his “Twitter machine”. Ray’s new gimmick is starting to eclipse his time as a Dudley. Ray calls out James Storm. Ray says he’s been in TNA for “six friggin’ years” and has never trusted him and will also be ringside for the Storm/Angle match.

Match #2 (BFG Series Match): Bully Ray Vs. Robbie E w/ Robbie T

Robbie E distracts the ref, allowing Robbie T to attack Ray before the bell. The bell rings and Robbie E goes for the quick pin but only gets a 2-count. Robbie E chokes Ray on the bottom rope. Robbie E starts gloating while Ray is on his knees and Ray starts chopping him down to size. Ray hits the Bubba Cutter for the quick 1…2…3.

Winner [via Pinfall]: Bully Ray (0:56) [Bully Ray picks up 7 points for the pinfall]

  • Fun squash match, but insignificant in the scheme of things. Ray picks up 7 points but let’s face it: he’s probably not winning the series at this point. I am loving the hell out of his character though; why does Devon have the TV Title when Ray could be elevating it way better? (C)

Backstage, Earl Hebner gives Madison Rayne a bunch of gifts. Gail Kim scares him off and confronts her about the affair. Rayne says he’s a pro and will call it down the middle, don’t worry.

We see the Knockouts getting ready for the upcoming 4-way (oh beeeehave) coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher comes to the announce table to watch the match. Everyone makes their entrance, with Rayne flirting hardcore with Hebner who tries desperately not to flirt back. He’s unintentionally hilarious. Everyone is ready, but we’ll have to wait until after the commercial break to see them wrestle.

*Commercial Break*

Match #3 (#1 Contenders Match): Madison Rayne Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Mickie James Vs. Tara [Winner Gets a Knockouts Title Shot at Hardcore Justice]

Tara starts beating up Kim, while James and Rayne go at it. Kim tosses Tara outside, and James has the advantage on Rayne. James goes for a kick but gets a Gail Kim clothesline. Rayne comes in and hits a baseball slide to send James out of the ring. Tara comes in and starts beating both Kim and Rayne down. Kim attacks Tara from behind, some awkward action occurs, and then Rayne hits a reverse neckbreaker on Tara. Rayne goes for the quick pin but only gets a 2. Kim argues with Hebner.

Tara starts fighting back, and James pulls Kim out of the ring. The two brawl on the outside, and James gets sent into the ringsteps. Tara hits a sidewalk slam and goes for the pin, but Kim breaks up the count. Kim clothesline Tara, and Rayne goes for the pin but Tara kicks out. Rayne drives Tara face-first into the mat, and Kim and Rayne take turns beating Tara down. They whip her into the corner and Kim slingshots Rayne into Tara. Rayne tries to do the same but Tara moves and Kim flies to the floor. Rayne goes for the pin and James breaks it up.

James beats down Rayne. James gets a kick right to the chest, but ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a neckbreaker. She goes for the pin and Kim breaks it up. Kim goes for a pin on James and only gets a 2-count. Kim hits a backbreaker on James. Tara gets back in and bodyslams Kim to the mat and heads to the top rope. Rayne crotches her on the top turnbuckle. Rayne meets Tara at the second rope but James pulls her down and clotheslines her. James introduces Rayne’s head to the turnbuckle, but Rayne gets an elbow to break the attack up.

Meanwhile, Kim superplexes Tara from the top rope. Kim goes for the pin but Hebner is distracted by Rayne. Kim and Rayne argue, and Kim gets tossed out by James. James hits Rayne with a series of clotheslines and a running forearm. James is standing tall among the bodies. James heads to the top rope (we’ll get to that in a few minutes), but Kim knocks her off. Tara hits the Widow’s Peak on Kim. Tara rolls Rayne up for the 1…2…3! Tara celebrates, but Hebner raises Rayne’s arm in victory! Rayne has apparently won!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Madison Rayne (7:40)

  • Good (if a bit chaotic) 4-way between the Knockouts although ironically the one getting the push (Rayne) was the one who looked the worse thanks to some blown spots and painfully fake-looking offense. James’ top rope spot also made no sense, as her target was too far away so it was obvious she was only up there to get pushed off by Kim. Hebner screwing the other Knockouts for his love once again was predictable. It’s a dumb storyline, but one I find myself enjoying if only for the fact that Hebner is just so damn emotionless every time he’s supposed to be acting. It makes me laugh. I’m liking it for the wrong reasons; I’m sure everyone else hates this. (B-)

We get a recap from the earlier confrontation between Angle, Storm, and Sting. You’ve already about it so I’m not going to waste time recapping this again, except for they concentrate on Angle’s proclamation that he’ll make Storm tap.

Backstage, Bobby Roode says that everyone believes him that Storm is behind the Aces and 8’s. Roode says he’s also going to be at ringside for the main event. The camera pans over to World Champ Austin Aries who then says he’ll also be out there tonight.

  • Well if the entire TNA locker room is going to be ringside for the Storm/Angle match, it’s only fair they invite me to be there too. And you too, while we’re at it.

In Hulk Hogan‘s office, Sting is asking Brooke Hogan how her father is doing. She says that for the first time in her life she had to take care of the Hulkster thanks to the Aces and 8’s beatdown from awhile back. Sting promises he’ll find out who’s behind it and protect her. Sting asks if Brooke is up to the pressure of overlooking the Knockouts Division (SAY NO! SAAAAAY NOOOO!). Brooke says she’s scared about the potential threat and Sting says it’s war time. He asks again if she can do her job and she says she’ll try. A messenger delivers her an envelope. Inside: the Aces and 8’s logo. Brooke leaves in a huff.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero Jr. is warming up for his debut TNA match. It’s up next!

*Commercial Break*

Backstage, Knockout Tag Team Champs (THEY STILL EXIST?!?) ODB and Eric Young are talking. ODB says they haven’t defended the belts in two months and Brooke Hogan has gotten on her ass about that. Well that and also the fact Young is a guy. Young says he has a foolproof plan: they’ll make sure they’re separated at all times so they can’t be forced to defend it! Young runs off while ODB wants her fried chicken.

  • Whoa, I didn’t even know those belts still existed, weird. I have no attachment to any of this but I like the fact that Brooke Hogan is (in storyline of course) annoyed they haven’t defended the belts and that one of the holders is a man. At least they acknowledged that.

Match #4: Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Hernandez) Vs. Kid Kash (w/ Gunner)

Kash tries to go for Guerrero’s legs but Guerrero gets a waistlock applied. Kash hits the ropes and knocks Guerrero down. Guerrero catches Kash with a clothesline, followed by an armdrag takedown into an armbar. Guerrero delivers back to back uppercuts and whips him into the corner. Guerrero applies another waistlock but Kash elbows out before delivering a clothesline of his own. Kid mounts him (HA!) and starts punching him repeatedly. The ref pulls him off and he argues with the ref. This gives Guerrero an opening, but Kash cuts it off by slamming him to the mat.

Kash rakes his nails across Guerrero’s back and delivers a backbreaker. Kash goes for the pin but only gets a 2-count. Kash bodyslams Guerrero and attempts a moonsault from the top, but Guerrero gets his knees up. Guerrero reverses a sideslam attempt with a legscissor and hits a dropkick. He goes for the pin but only gets a 2. Guerrero goes to the apron and slingshots himself onto the fallen Kash. He gets another 2-count. Gunner gets on the apron to stop Guerrero from executing another move.

Kash takes advantage and hits him with a roundkick. Guerrero reverses a suplex and goes for the Three Amigos (three suplexes back to back). Guerrero heads to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Chavo Guerrero Jr. (4:41)

  • A passable but very underwhelming introduction match. It allowed Guerrero to showcase himself for potential new fans, or those who forgot there was more to him than comedy bits Hornswoggle. Unfortunately once again, TNA put an overemphasis on the Guerrero name as if that’s the only thing marketable about him. Let the guy stand on his own. Also is that it for the Guerrero/Kash “feud” that was set up last week? That was quick. It’ll be interesting to see where Chavo goes in the next few weeks. They’ve built him up pretty highly, so he needs a good feud to make all of that hype worthwhile. (C+)

Backstage, Dixie Carter is asked about the Styles/Claire controversy. Carter says it’s way past time for Styles to step up and set the record straight.

  • Dixie just said what we were all thinking, yet she continues to allow it to be dragged out. Maybe that was her secret way of telling the writers to “hurry it the f*ck up”. I’m going to pretend it is because I live in a fantasy world.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian head to the ring, presents in hand, for Claire’ baby shower. It’s next. Sigh.

*Commercial Break*

Backstage Kurt Angle is with Wes Brisco, son of Gerald Brisco. Wes asks Angle to put in a good word for him in TNA. In come TV Champion Devon and Garrett Bischoff. Devon and Bischoff promises that the Aces and 8’s won’t get involved in his match against Storm tonight.

  • Oooo there’s another Brisco? If he’s half as good as his father, this is going to be a very good pickup. If not…then not. Wow that was a redundant statement. I’m a terrible writer. (Also, what are the chances that Brisco is a member of/leader of the Aces and 8’s? I’m going to say high because I want at least one member revealed)

Claire’s Baby Shower

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are in the ring, which they have set up for a baby shower (a table full of gifts). Kazarian says they’re stand up gentlemen and invite Claire to the ring for the baby shower (how many times can I say baby shower before you stab me?). She sits in a chair and Daniels puts a necklace around her. Daniels says being pregnant is one of the most important times in a woman’s life and she deserves to be surrounded by those who love and support her; A.J. Styles is not one of them. Daniels and Kazarian can’t stand how mean Styles have been. Daniels offers her the presents.

Kazarian opens up the first box: a whole bunch of diapers. Claire opens the next present herself: autographed action figures, autographed pictures, toy belts, etc. Daniels shows him the “best” present they got her: a baby doll dressed up as A.J. Styles. Kazarian plays around with it which makes me giggle. He hands it to Claire who is all smiles.

Claire looks into the camera and tells Styles to “do the right thing” for their baby. She screeches it and everyone watching winces. She leaves the ring.

  • Okay seriously, this A.J./Claire storyline is barely going anywhere and has a predictable ending. Daniels and Kazarian tried to make it work, and were themselves funny, but this was a throwaway and stupid segment. Plus whoever plays Claire has a shrieky and annoying voice so every time she talks I start twitching. This is being dragged out far too long; I really hope they wrap this sh*t up soon. The A.J./Claire angle is holding the whole company back at this point.

We see an Angle/Storm split-screen getting ready for the main event which is next!

*Commercial Break*

Backstage Joseph Park says he’s done wrestling, but he’s here to handle the legal affairs of some of the TNA wrestlers. He walks over to Sting and asks him if he needs representation but Sting says he’s all set (Park also pronounces “kayfabe” as “kay-fab” which is funny). Sting asks him where he learned the Black Hole Slam, and Park shrugs it off. Sting asks him if Park is really gonna “kayfab” him. Park takes a picture of them on the phone and says he’s going to tweet that.

  • Abyss is so good at the Joseph Park role that I hope he never changes back. The “kayfab” line made me laugh. It’ll be interesting to see how they use him now that his feud with Bully Ray is apparently over.

We see another look at the BFG Series leaderboards. Three BFG Series match for next week: RVD/The Pope, James Storm/Bully Ray, and A.J. Styles/Kurt Angle. Man they are throwing the kitchen sink at their TV show this summer…and I love it.

James Storm and Kurt Angle make their way to the ring. The 9000 others who promised to be there are nowhere to be found.

Main Event (BFG Series Match): “Cowboy” James Storm Vs. Kurt Angle

James and Storm lock up, and Storm backs him into the corner. Clean break. Lockup #2 and Storm gets a quick hammerlock into a headlock. Angle whips him into the ropes but gets taken down with a shoulderblock. They retreat to separate corners and stare one another down. Angle gets a waistlock but Storm reverses it into a waistlock of his own. They trade armbars. Angle gets out of a hammerlock but Storm wiggles out of a headlock attempt to apply a hammerlock. This happens again. (Sting makes his way to ringside.)

Storm hits a hip toss, followed by an armdrag and then an armbar. Taz says “Aces and AIDS” which makes me laugh. (Devon and Garrett Bischoff are now at ringside.) Angle whips Storm into the ropes who hits a knee. Angle tries to throw Storm out, but Storm skins the cat back in and then hits a Thesz press to beat Angle down. Storm clotheslines Angle, but Angle then hits one of his own. Angle blocks the Last Call attempt and starts beating him down in the corner.

Storm throws Angle into the corner and starts going on the offensive. Angle reverses an Irish whip but eats boot. Angle quickly recovers and hits a belly to belly suplex. (Bully Ray makes his way ringside.) It’s still a stalemate between the two in the ring as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We are back and Storm is on the offensive. He knocks down Angle with a clothesline and goes for the pin. 2-count. Angle regains the advantage and throws Storm out to the floor…and now another commercial break. Okay that is starting to get annoying.

*Commercial Break…again*

Storm pulls Angle from the floor to the apron. He DDT’s Angle, his feet draping over the second rope. (Bobby Roode and Austin Aries make their way ringside, the latter standing on the ramp.) Storm continues to mount an offensive, but Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex #1, followed by the second…and then the third. Angle measures Storm for the Angle Slam, but Storm counters with an armdrag. Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a Last Call of his own. He goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out!

Angle applies the Ankle Lock, but Storm rolls out and sends Angle face-first into the second turnbuckle. Storm hits an Angle Slam of his own and goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out! Storm goes for a Codebreaker, but Angle counters with the Ankle Lock! Storm tries to roll through but Angle keeps it applied. Storm is on the verge of tapping, but keeps trying to break out. Angle tells him to “SAY IT!”. Storm gets close to the ropes, but Angle pulls him back into the center of the ring. Storm finally gets out with a kick to the face and hits the Last Call. Storm goes for the pin. 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: James Storm (13:30) [James Storm retakes the lead in the BFG Series]

  • I’ve got to be honest: this was an underwhelming main event. It wasn’t that the match itself was bad, it just felt…done before (probably because it has). The end was pretty sweet though and I liked the intrigue created by the potential Aces and 8’s attack that could come at any moment. Still though…I won’t remember what happened in this match a week from now. (B-)

The ref helps Storm to his feet and Storm uses the ropes to stand up. Everyone is looking for the Aces and 8’s, who hasn’t made their presence known physically yet. Storm and Angle shake hands and hug. Storm gets on the mic and calls out the Aces and 8’s. All eyes go to the entrance area. No one comes out.

Roode gets on the mic and says it’s odd that the Aces and 8’s aren’t coming out. Roode still believes that Storm is behind the faction. He calls Storm “guilty”. Storm and Ray start brawling in the ring, while Aries and Roode start brawling. Angle is left in the ring awkwardly standing there. Fade to black. I guess the Aces and 8’s aren’t going to show this week.

Overall Show Grade: B-

  • Favorite Match: Austin Aries/Kenny King Vs. Bobby Roode/Zema Ion
  • Least Favorite Match: Bully Ray/Robbie E (was that even a match?)
  • Favorite Segment(s): Joseph Park’s brief moment of screen time, the Angle/Storm/Roode/Sting confrontation, the sort-of debut of Wes Brisco (who may matter more in the next few weeks, if you catch my drift…)
  • Least Favorite Segment: The Claire baby shower. It’s time to just blow off this angle and move onto something else, it has been dragged out far too much at this point.

Overall Show Thoughts

  • This week’s Impact Wrestling had a tremendous and thrilling start followed by a great tag team match but from there it dovetailed a little bit. Outside of the Claire baby shower, nothing was too offensive but a lot of it felt very “meh”. The Rayne/Hebner storyline is funny for the wrong reasons, while Chavo’s debut TNA match was underwhelming and didn’t exactly help him prove himself. The Aces and 8’s storyline continues to be the most interesting thing in the company (besides Aries’ World Title reign, of course), but there was a noticeable lack of progression in that story outside of a threat made to Brooke via courier. A ho-hum but better than average show that dipped in both match-quality and storyline/segment-quality compared to last week. Here’s hoping they pick it up next Thursday and we start getting some actual progression in their two main storylines.
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