[ROH News] August iPPV Announced; Steen/Kingston to Headline

Looks like ROH has one more iPPV pit-stop to make before Death Before Dishonor X; the company announced today via their official website that they will hold Boiling Point on August 11th, live on iPPV. ROH also announced the main event for the show, which will emanate from Providence, RI: Kevin Steen will defend the ROH World Heavyweight Title against CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston. And according to the official announcement, seeds have been planted for this match for a long time. Check out the official announcement after the jump in its entirety, which helps summarize the feud between the two.

This weekend on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV CHIKARA’s Grand Champion Eddie Kingston shocked the world when he crashed the show following Steen’s successful defense of the ROH World Title (his 4th) against “No Fear” Mike Mondo. The situation erupted when Jimmy Jacobs began to assault Mondo following the contest, drawing Kingston out to even the numbers.

The story between these two men dates back several months to the “10th Anniversary Event” when ROH Officials, as part of the Synergy initiative offered Eddie Kingston the opportunity to talk to the ROH faithful in NYC that night. Kevin Steen elected to interrupt Kingston’s moment, words were exchanged, the situation got heated as Steen disrespected Eddie & CHIKARA, and eventually blows were exchanged. Security broke it up but it was far from the end of the story…

Jump ahead to April’s “Synergy” co-promotion and CHIKARA’s “Hot Off The Griddle” event; Steen had essentially worked his way onto the event with verbal challenges to Kingston via YouTube videos and found himself with an opportunity to claim the Grand Championship from Kingston in Chicago Ridge. Steen, in a gesture of total disrespect, wore a child’s mask to the ring and it became readily obvious that he was there to mock CHIKARA and spit in the face of its traditions. The battle between the two bulls was quite intense, and at times it seemed like Steen was a hair’s breadth away from bringing ruin to CHIKARA by capturing the Grand Championship. Still, as the battle got increasingly heated and Kingston nailed his devastating Spinning Backfist, Steen took the easy way out with a unnecessary low blow to draw a DQ and end the bout.

It was a conclusion that left the fans of CHIKARA & ROH both as unsatisfied as Kingston was, but now it seems that “The Last of a Dying Breed” will get his chance to even the score when Ring of Honor debuts in Providence, RI on August 11th with “Boiling Point 2012”! Not only will Kingston and Steen go one-on-one but should Kevin still have the title following his scheduled defense against Homicide on August 3rd, the ROH World Title will be on the line!!

As if that announcement wasn’t big enough, ROH Officials are also extremely excited to announce that the T’s have been crossed, the I’s have been dotted, and now “Boiling Point 2012” will be broadcast LIVE ON IPPV right here at ROHWrestling.com!!!

For those unfamiliar, Eddie Kingston is a force to be reckoned with, having made his debut in ROH atDeath Before Dishonor IV on July 15, 2006 as part of the Cage of Death, and had a pair of absolute must-see wars with Chris Hero in 2009, but he was never a consistent competitor due to his unstable behavior.

Kingston has fought his demons every day of his life and if you ask him, he will freely cop to his deep psychological issues. Eddie has proven himself a a violent person who often reacts without thought, usually in worst possible fashion, and he will admit to suffering from an extreme paranoia. If you look at it honestly, many would say the similarities between the CHIKARA Grand Champion and our ROH World Champion are substantial.

Unlike Steen however, Kingston has worked hard to clean himself up in the last year and continues to strive at becoming a better man. His struggles, his desire for a better life, it all paid off when he became the first CHIKARA Grand Champion back in November of 2011 at CHIKARA’s very first iPPV, “High Noon”.

Even though he may not be the poster child for the unorthodox style usually associated with CHIKARA, Kingston bleeds for CHIKARA. CHIKARA has been Kingston’s only support system throughout his constant, daily struggle and is the only promotion that has never given up on Kingston. CHIKARA is truly the backbone of Kingston’s existence; you spit on CHIKARA as Kevin Steen has done, you spit in the face of everything Eddie loves and stands for.

Eddie will get the chance to let his violent side out on August 11th in Providence as the issues between he and Steen reach their boiling point. It’s Steen vs. Kingston, the ROH World Title potentially on the line, and it will be live on iPPV for the fans around the world. If you can be there live, tickets are available right here so don’t miss out on the best live pro wrestling experience you will find anywhere!

If you can’t join us live in Providence, do the next best thing and watch LIVE on iPPV, right here on ROHWRESTLING.com!

PWTorch has also reported that three other matches have also been signed for the event: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe) will take on Steen’s S.C.U.M. partners Steve Corino and Jimmy JacobsCharlie Haas will meet Michael Elgin, and Jay Lethal will go one on one with Tommaso Ciampa in a rematch from Border Wars. Other talent expected to be at the show include Mike Bennett (w/ his valet/girlfriend Maria Kanellis), Eddie Edwards, TV Champion Adam Cole, and former ROH Tag Team Champion turned singles competitor Rhett Titus (who’s building up to a match of his own against Steen).

Boiling Point will air August 11, 2012 live in Providence, RI and in iPPV form on ROHWrestling.com.

Thoughts: I’ve dug the two ROH iPPV’s I’ve seen thus far this year, so I’ll definitely see if my budget allows for me to order Boiling Point. The lineup looks pretty solid already, although one that shouldn’t be as expensive (9.99 sounds about right). Seems weird that they would randomly toss in an iPPV before their September show but if the iPPV business has been lucrative for the company, I guess it makes sense. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the main event; yes the feud is there but if we’re supposed to go along with the overall “Steen as ROH Champ” storyline, wouldn’t Kingston winning the belt put Jim Cornette in the exact same place (i.e. not having a wrestler “who doesn’t look like a wrestler” on top?). That’s just me nitpicking though.

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