[TNA News] Chavo Guerrero Jr. Signs With the Company; Debuts Next Week on ‘Impact Wrestling’

Chavo and his partner in crime Pepe (RIP) in WCW.

TNA announced today (via their official website) that they have signed Chavo Guerrero Jr. to a contract. The third generation wrestler, whom you may remember from his stints in WCW and WWE (of course you remember him, sorry to be condescending), has been wrestling here and there on the independents over the past couple of years and recently worked for TNA offshoot Ring Ka King in India. In addition to the news, the company also released a 30 second hype video for Guerrero Jr. on YouTube, which you can check out below.

Guerrero Jr. will make his debut for the company next week on Impact Wrestling.

Thoughts: Considering Guerrero Jr.’s past involvement with Ring Ka King, it’s not altogether surprising that TNA decided to pick him up and although I made a joke earlier on Twitter about the signing, I’m interested to see what they do with him. Where does he fit in with the company? I would personally put him in the TV Title division and have him beat Devon for the belt; they could use a new champion and Chavo would be 100 times more entertaining in that role and give it some actual flair and excitement. Either way I don’t think this is a terrible signing by any stretch of the imagination; maybe this will finally (finally) be his chance to shine.

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