[Indy Wrestling News] Awesome New Team Added to Chikara’s Upcoming ‘King of Trios’

Chikara is one of the coolest independent promotions currently running in the United States, mixing a fun high-impact wrestling style with colorful characters and comedy. Arguably their biggest show each year is the King of Trios, where six-man tag teams from all across the globe compete over three days to see who is the best. This year’s event is already shaping up to be fun, with teams ranging from ECW veterans (Too Cold Scorpio, Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer) to current Ring of Honor stars (Mike Bennett and The Young Bucks) already signed up to compete. The company has announced the latest team entered in the three day tournament (I was alerted thanks to PWTorch) and it features three of the most intimidating stars from wrestling’s past: Warlord, The Barbarian, and Meng. Together they will compete under the name “The Faces of Pain”, a clever mix of The Powers of Pain and The Faces of Fear, the two tag teams The Barbarian wrestled in over his career with his two partners (Powers of Pain with Warlord, Faces of Fear with Meng).

King of Trios 2012 takes place September 14-16 at the Palmer Center in Easton, Pennsylvania. For ticketing information (as well as a complete list of all the teams signed up), head to Chikara’s official King of Trios site.

Thoughts: Chikara is the one wrestling promotion I know I should be into but just haven’t had the time (or access) to really get into them. But with the announcement of The Faces of Pain entering the King of Trios, I may finally take the plunge and order the event on iPPV. That coupled with the insane cast of Chikara characters, the event should pay for itself within a matter of minutes and maybe even double it if Meng slaps the Tongan Death Grip on somebody. Are you a Chikara supporter? Got any recommendations on where I should begin my Chikara journey? Leave a comment below!

  1. They won’t be having this on iPPV. They’ll likely have it come out on DVD the Monday after though. I don’t know where you live but you might want to consider driving out to KOT. It’s worth every mile. I met people from Ireland,Germany,Australia,Japan and more last year.

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