[ROH News] Rhett Titus Makes the Move to Singles Competition in New Video

A lot of questions have been raised as to where Rhett Titus will fit in with Ring of Honor now that his All-Night Express partner Kenny King has left the company and the ROH Tag Team Titles that they held have been vacated. Well it looks like Titus isn’t just going to fade into the background; in a new video released by ROH, Titus is shown clearing the ring of ROH Champion Kevin Steen and his partner in crime Jimmy Jacobs, followed by a promo where Titus lays out his new plan along with a couple of old running buddies. Check out the video below.

Thoughts: Well it looks like Titus is going to make his move not only into singles competition, but main event singles competition. It feels a bit out of left field considering his tag team-heavy career with ROH thus far, but I like Titus so I’m all for it. I’m also intrigued on where the Briscoes stand in relation to Titus; did they just form a new faction or was it just a show of thanks and solidarity? I guess the story will unfold at the August 3rd TV tapings.


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