[WWE News] Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter; “Social Media Ambassador” Role Up in the Air

WWE is doing everything they can to make their upcoming 1000th episode of Raw a monumental occasion. In addition to bringing back stars like Mick Foley and The Rock to appear in-person (the latter potentially starting up a storyline), the company also hired the infamous actor Charlie Sheen to be its “Social Media Ambassador” during the show. Essentially the WWE signed him on in order to get him to tweet about the show to his millions of followers in order to spread awareness. Pretty sweet gig.

But it’s a gig that may no longer be happening. PWTorch [via, sigh, TMZ] reports that Sheen officially “quit” Twitter and as of right now his account has been deleted. Naturally if Sheen doesn’t have a Twitter account then that means he can’t exactly be the Social Media Ambassador the WWE hired him for so his involvement is now up in the air. Does he re-open just for those three hours? Does WWE find another way to include him on the show? It could go any which way at this point.

Thoughts: Hiring Sheen to be their Social Media Ambassador was a dumb move on the WWE’s part in the first place; yes he had 7.7 million followers but his fame/infamy is already ice-cold. No one finds “Winning” funny anymore, except for maybe frat boy douchebags and people without a sense of humor. Not having Sheen to tweet about the show (which you know would’ve been one of his assistants instead of him personally) will not be a big loss to the 1000th episode. WWE has The Rock as well as the TV return of Brock Lesnar after a multi-month absence; they’re all set. I say just cut the losses and run.

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