[TNA News] Spike TV Putting ‘Impact Wrestling’ Online

If you’re a DirectTV customer dreading the loss of Impact Wrestling due to the dispute between the satellite provider and television giant Viacom (who own SpikeTV), I have wonderful news for you. PWInsider reports that episodes of the show will now be put on SpikeTV’s official website. The catch? They will be posted a week after the show’s initial airing on SpikeTV. Minor inconvienence aside, you folks with DirectTV (and those of you who just don’t have cable at all) will now have access to Impact Wrestling again. Take that, DirectTV/Viacom feud!

Thoughts: It sucks that it took a major fallout between two big companies to get this to happen, but I’m estatic that SpikeTV will now be putting Impact Wrestling on their website. The week-long delay kind of sucks, but at least now those of us without the time (or the access) will be able to watch the show and I think it will do a lot for not only building their fanbase, but it will also create goodwill among said fanbase. Let’s just hope that this deal continues after DirecTV/Viacom inevitably make up in the future. I personally hope so; the internet is the real future of television.

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