[WWE News] Finlay Returns to the Company in a Non-Wrestling Role

Photo Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

Mike Johnson over at PWInsider reports that Finlay has officially returned to the WWE as a producer. The 52-year old wrestler left the company in March of last year and had made a series of appearances for independent promotions across the country, most notably for EVOLVE (owned and booked by Gabe Sapolsky) and Ring of Honor (whom he just wrestled for last month at Best in the World: Hostage Crisis in a losing effort to rising star Michael Elgin). Apparently this did not come as a shock to Johnson himself, who had reported that the wrestler/agent was on his way back to the company and had worked for them during Wrestlemania weekend earlier this year. Finlay is currently back out on the road for the WWE.

Thoughts: I was really enjoying Finlay’s work on the independent scene; age be damned, he was still going out there and mixing it up in the same hard-nosed style that has defined his in-ring career. His matches in ROH were especially great, although many would disagree with me (they were more slow-paced, but told excellent stories especially his match against Elgin). It sucks to see him go back to Stamford, but given the money you can make up there and the less time he’ll have to spend putting his body in danger, it makes perfect sense. It was fun while it lasted.

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