[ROH News] Tag Team Titles Vacated; Tournament to Begin Next TV Taping

Source: ROH Wrestling

Last month at Best in the World, The All-Night Express (Kenny King/Rhett Titus) defeated Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin/Charlie Haas) to become the new Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions. With the belts finally in their grasps after years of coming up short, it seemed like sky was now the limit for ANX. Unfortunately, however, that didn’t seem to be the case. King soon made his debut for TNA at Impact Wrestlingwhich caused the wrestling community to scratch their heads in confusion; how could someone signed to ROH appear on a TNA show? It turned out that King’s contract had expired, and the two parties were working on a verbal agreement, which both sides have argued for and against. Either way long story short, King is now permanently banished from ROH and Titus is left without a partner.

And without a partner, Titus can’t defend the Tag Team Titles so today on their website, ROH officially vacated the Tag Team Titles. The titles will now be up for grabs in an 8 team tournament that begins at the August 3rd taping of their syndicated television show and conclude at an unspecified time. Along with this news, ROH also announced the first participants: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe/Mark Briscoe), 7-time ROH Tag Champs and the most iconic team in the company’s history. ROH will announce the remaining seven teams over the next few weeks on their official website leading up to the TV taping. Expect Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team to be involved and potentially Titus entering the fray with a new partner.

Thoughts: The Kenny King situation is very unfortunate for Ring of Honor and especially for Rhett Titus, whose role in the company was defined by The All-Night Express. Alas them’s the breaks and although King’s exit comes off very unprofessional and suspect (even if he was right to do so), it’s time to roll with the punches. It should be interesting to see if ROH goes with a newer tag team or if they let King’s departure scaring them into putting the belts back on either the Briscoes or WGTT. To be fair it’s not like they have any other options really, but both teams are overexposed. There needs to be some new blood…hopefully new blood that won’t hightail it to another company this time.

Read ROH’s statement on King’s departure

Read King’s statement on his departure from ROH


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